Color Crush

Blush Pink

Maybe it has to do with the love in the air or it could be simply a matter of inclination towards delicate hues at the moment. Either ways blush pink is the hue that is making our heart flutter at the moment. And are we alone you ask? Nope, it seems celebrities like Rihanna and Zawe Ashton love the trend as much and are donning them at various occasions.
But what makes this post ever more appropriate is the approaching Valentine’s day next week. Pink is predictable for dates but blush pink surely gives it a new edge. It is au courant and is perfect for a lot of occasions. So we put together 5 look for 5 body types, all using blush pink.

Inverted triangle
Skirt • Blouse • Shoes • Bag
A very feminine take at the trend, pair up a tulle skirt and a cami in blush pink, tucked in. Instead of the strappy sandals, wear open toe booties instead. The volume will balance your string shoulders while the spaghetti straps show them off as well.

Dress • Blazer • Shoes • Necklace
For the pear we chose a beautiful boucle sheath dress with polka dots. But the look is not all feminine owing to the blush pink structured blazer to be worn on top. Best of both worlds.

Dress • Heels • Bag • Necklace
For the apple body shape we recommend a sheath dress and a necklace to keep the eye on top. The focus is also on your shapely legs owing to the bright shoes.

Skirt • Blouse • Shoes • Bag
As a rectangle, you can wear a fitted pencil skirt with a fluid feminine blouse on top. It creates some necessary curves and gives you a very feminine appeal.

Pants • Blouse • Heels • Bag
As an hourglass, the peplum silhouette is your best friend. So, pair up that blouse with blush pants and navy heels. Just the right look for a casual date!

So how do you love blush pink? Fan of the color or no? How do you like to wear the color? We would love to know, so leave a comment!





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