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Fresh New Color combinations to try

Combining colors is a science and we have talked about it earlier. If you are not a pro at making color combinations in your wardrobe, maybe you should get hold of the basics of color combination from an earlier post. But today, we want to share some fresh color combinations, that are follow he basic rules but look artistic nonetheless. 

While exploring polyvore do you follow us there? we often come across boards that make us stop and notice. So these are some of those exquisite boards hand-picked by Wink n Pout stylists to inspire some new color combinations in your wardrobe. There are obvious trends in all the three categories – Bold contrasts, Brights and ‘Safe and Neutral’.

Bold Contrasts
These combinations combine colors that sit almost opposite to each other on the color wheel. But it is definitely varying degree of “bold” in each one. You can combine:
• White outfit with navy and Portland orange
Fullscreen capture 272014 13803 AM.bmp

• Teal with shades of brown, orange and even mint.Fullscreen capture 272014 13955 AM.bmp



• A fresh Mantis green with white and lavender (so new right?)Fullscreen capture 272014 14643 AM.bmp

• Baker-miller Pink with lemon chiffon, bright yellow and baby blue. Fullscreen capture 272014 20737 AM.bmp

There is a clear trend of yellow in the brights section. Its various shades keep popping up with other colors.
So you can try:
• Celeste Blue with Aureolin yellow.
Fullscreen capture 272014 13809 AM.bmp

• Cobalt blue with pale aquamarine.
Fullscreen capture 272014 15330 AM.bmp

• Midnight blue with teal, munsell yellow and beige.Fullscreen capture 272014 20210 AM.bmp

• Aureolin Yellow with lemon yellow and alice blue with a hint of ruby pink.
Fullscreen capture 272014 20636 AM.bmp

• Cardinal red with orange and dark grey.
Fullscreen capture 272014 22826 AM.bmp

Safe and Neutral
This category is heavy on the many varieties of pistachio green, and we are realizing how beautiful and safe the color can be. What do you think? You can try:

Pale pistachio green with white, brown and accents of purple and pale lemon yellow.
Fullscreen capture 272014 15243 AM.bmp

Coral orange with buff yellow and grey.
Fullscreen capture 272014 15705 AM.bmp
Black and white with pistachio green and baker-miller pink.
Fullscreen capture 272014 20327 AM.bmp
Pistachio green with cream and metallic cream and accents of coral and black.
Fullscreen capture 272014 21542 AM.bmp

Teal with faded grey blue.
Fullscreen capture 272014 21642 AM.bmp
Air superiority blue, white, chocolate brown and deep tan.
Fullscreen capture 272014 21733 AM.bmp

Phew! Feeling inspired enough now? We know we are, and we want to put together a kick-ass color combination together now! What about you?

P.S. If you are looking for outfit inspiration, ideas which can flatter your body, you don’t have to be an expert. Simply download the Wink n Pout app on Android or Apple devices.



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