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The best of Google Search: How to dress on a cruise

What’s cooking in Wink n Pout offices? We are fascinated by Google search prediction at the moment. It’s nothing new we know, but curiosity got the better of us. And one genius thought, we should do a series on that. Isn’t that something? So here it is! We were curious about what people searched with the term “How to dress on” and the result is displayed above. So, today a cruise it is!

google auto search fashion

Why is so complicated to dress and pack for a cruise anyway? You are supposed to be holidaying and having a good time and not being worried about dress codes right? But since the time cruises were introduced, the dress codes have been vigilant. If you are not dressed right, you can be refused to be seated for dinner! (remember Titanic?) But that was a very long ago. So if you have never been on a cruise don’t worry, we guide you onto one.
titanic dinner dress gown formal mccalls pattern 9688 sizes 10-12-14 rose  uncut-f28465
And yes, while we read all the other articles out there, none had put together a visual diary of how to dress on a cruise. So, of course we do that here.

The Cruise Dress Codes

Today, on most liners for the day casual dressing is acceptable and the evening dress codes are stated clearly. They can range from formal to resort casual from day to day. On a standard cruise of 7 days, you can expect 2 formal nights. But yes, there are cruises which are more relaxed about it so you can pick them if you just don’t like to dress up on a holiday.

Also, for some restaurants on the cruise, the dress code is always casual. So you can check with the dress code before making any reservations for the night.

But now the question remains, what does all the lingo means? Cruise casual, informal, semi-informal… We get it right for you! Plus, the cruise almost always defines it for you as well.

O starting from the most formal to the most casual, here is a visual reference for how to dress on a cruise!

Glitter BlackShort RedGreenCrochet BlackMaroonPurple

For women, this category contains your evening gowns and formal evening dresses. You can check the number of formal nights there are on the cruise and pack accordingly. Pair your evening jewelry and heels with the dress. (We talk about accessories later though) Below is the visual definition of what formal can look like!

Cruise elegant / Semi-formal
Peplum DressBrown TopGreen Ruffled shirtSuit BlazerShortsBlazerSequin Skirt

Yes, the terms are pretty much interchangeable. This category would mean your evening wear which includes cocktail dresses, pant suits, elegant skirts and blouses as well.

Resort Casual / Cruise Casual / Smart Casual / Informal / elegant casual
FloralShirtSkirtBandage DressOrange PantsDenim
Again the lingo can be different for different cruises, but they mean pretty much the same thing. The category includes casual dresses, maxi dresses casual skirt and blouses, button downs, summer dresses, dress shorts, pants even jeans though not the ripped kinds. Below is what it looks like. 

Rock n Roll TeeShortsBlack T-Shirt DressDenimFloral DressKnot Shirt
Casual is basically what you wear in the day the cruise. So here you can wear your t-shirts, your distressed denim, your casual shorts, tie-front shorts, casual dresses, t-shirt dresses, walking shorts, leggings and so on. 

BlackOrangeGreenMulti Colored Coverup • T-Shirt DressSarong
This is for the pool and if you are stopping by at the shore. Take your swimming costumes, be it a bikini or a tankini. Pack some cover-ups like sarongs, dresses or pants and you would find out that for certain restaurants, it is ok to lunch in your beach cover up. 

On Shore
If there are any on shore activities that you are planning like snorkeling or kayaking or simple flee shopping, you dress up and pack according to the specific activity simple!  So hardly any visual reference needed there right?

Now for the accessories, you can get overwhelmed and pack a lot.
We do too. But here are some must-haves:
• 1 tote bag ( to contain your sunglasses, camera, books and everything else in the day), an evening clutch and a cross-body or day clutch.
• A sun hat, yep it’s a holiday! Take it along!
• Some evening jewelry like statement necklace or earrings and some for the day. You can pack watches as well if you like!
• A pair of pumps for the night, wedges, and either sandals or loafers (if you have space for both, awesome!) and flip-flops. For formal and semi-formal the first pair can work and the rest are in order of the categories listed above,
Flip FlopsSilver ShoesBlack PumpSandalsWedge •  Multi Stone RingSilver ringChocker • Hat • ScarfGlitter BagClutch BagBrown BagDuo Toned Tote 

So that was Wink n Pout’s take on how to dress on a cruise! Have you been on one? Tell us about it! And if you are going for the first time, we hope this helped and Happy cruising!

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