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The best of Google Search: How to dress on a Budget

Budgets are important. And fashion today is democratic, you can look good on a budget, it is not only for the rich and famous. And opposite to what you might believe, style does not come with money. It is more like talent, just like talent does not know financial boundaries, style does not either. And if it is any motivation, many a designers often find their inspiration in the fashion on the street.

google auto search fashion

So how do you achieve this feat? Wink n Pout stylists guide you how. And also we have put together a small list of items to own under $50 that will make you have a lot a style! So let’s go!

Know what expensive style looks like
Start with knowing what looks like cheap fashion and what looks like fashion with taste. Now, you can argue that taste is subjective but as a reference always look at the catwalk shows to let you know what is hot and stylish.

These days, minimalism is huge and minimum interesting details are what makes fashion items stylish. Even if they are embellished heavily, you would see the quality. It is possible to shop similar aesthetic on a lower price today. But for that you have got have a visual diary of what stylish looks like. But it also brings us to the next point!

Know where to shop
Now that you know what stylish looks like, it is important to know where you will find it in your budget. Thanks to high street fashion brands everywhere (online and offline) it is easier to find clothes that match runway trends and aesthetic. Some of our favorite recommendations will be Zara, Mango, Topshop, Asos, Nasty Gal, Romwe, Forever XXI, Primark,  Newlook, H n M etc.

You can of course have your own favorites, but have a handy list in your head. Some brands are great for basics and some great for trendy statement pieces. If you will have a picture of what each one sells that you like, it will forever be easier to shop.

Know when to shop
The timing is as important as the place. When seasons transition, there are huge mark-downs on the prices. Discounts start usually on a Thursday or a Friday, and if you want the best stock available in your sizes you should go shopping in the beginning. Or else if you want the most discount, and depend on luck when it comes to size and style, you shop a bit later in the discount season.

Sign up for email alerts at your favorite stores, so that you are aware when they have discounts or free shipping days. Some stores also have a discount all-year round so don’t forget to look through it either.

Apply Coupons
The coupons that arrive in your mail or via email, keep a track and have a look at them before shopping. Also, if you follow any blogs, bloggers sometimes partner with brands and give discount to their readers. So, look out for that as well.

Have a list
It is always helpful to have a handy list of the missing pieces in your wardrobe. Maybe you old white shirt is wearing out and you need a new one or maybe you wanted to buy a statement earring. Have that list handy in your phone and as you go shopping, keep your eyes open as you can chance upon just the right thing, at just the right price.

Have an inspiration
Here is when we tell you that you should follow some great budget fashion blogs out there for inspiration and help. They are rocking the niche and are super helpful. So why not access the help right? Here is a list of our recommendations!

The Budget Fashionista • The Budget Babe • The Cheap Chica • Frugal Fashionista • Broke and Beautiful

Style outfits well
Now once you have shopped for the right items, it comes down to styling. Putting clothes together is an art you think? We have been repeating on the blog that it is science. Let us point you to our series about secrets to dressing well

Apart from that, it helps to look at street style pictures from time to time to know various ways of styling things. You can follow our blog for the tips too, as well as get the Wink n Pout app as we provide look suggestions as well as let you ask personal questions from our stylists!

Know what fits and flatters
Fit is of extreme importance, the sooner you learn that the better. A $300 blazer that does not fit well will end up looking like $30 one and vice-versa. So be friends with a tailor who can alter your garments well and always keep fit as major criteria while making a purchase.

Then, when it comes to flattering your body shape is really important. That makes you an individual and you must spend some time learning what styles suit your body. Wink n Pout is committed to styling according to body shapes and you get the app for help on that 24X7. The blog features posts from time to time about body-shape specific dressing so stick around

Invest in classics and a few statement pieces
Your classic wardrobe must be complete. Because if you have the classics the potential of your wardrobe multiplies manifold. But along with the classics you would need some trendy statement pieces as well to define your style and aesthetic. So it is truly about achieving that balance. In the past we have shown our readers how to look stylish even on a small wardrobe

Pay attention to shoes and bags
Your shoes truly give away your style. You could be dressed top-notch but if your shoes don’t speak the same story, you lose on all your sartorial points. So invest in a few good pairs and classic bags when shopping on a budget.

Groom well
The last tip is to pay attention to your grooming as well. So that means your hair, nails and the like. If you can’t afford a manicure and suck at applying nail paints yourself, at least trim them and keep the nails clean. That is all it takes. Your makeup, the amount you put on, the quality as well as the occasion also will be an important deciding factor. So pay attention to those details as well.

Editor’s Pick : Must-have fashion under $50

sweat shirt under 50

hmprod (1)
peter pan collar shirt under 50$
pencil skirt under 50$

maxi skirt for under 50$

hmprod (2)

evening dress under 50$

sequin dress under 50$

leather finish pants under 50 $
back pack under 50$
metallic bag under 50$
white pump heel shoe

flats under 50$

gold chocker for under 50$

Polks dotted watch under 50$

Why Not Sweatshirt . Faux leather Jacket . Peter Pan Collar B/W blouse . Polka Dot Pencil Skirt .

Maxi Skirt with Belt  Denim Shirt . Lace Dress . Gold sequin Dress . Leather Panel Jeans . Quilted Back Pack .

Metallic Tote . Crochet Court Shoes . Pointed Flats . Gold Chain Necklace . Polka Dot Watch 

So, what do you think about staying stylish on a budget now? Leave your comments or questions below!


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