5 Spring 2014 Trends for 5 Body Shapes!

We are officially calling out to Spring Summer 2014 with our posts now so watch out! But when you start wondering hey what will be trending this season, do you pick whatever looks good on the runway and include it in your wardrobe? All trends are not created equal; and though there is a way to work around almost all of the trends, there will only ever be a few that will flatter you the most.

So which trend shall you pick for Spring Summer 2014 that will flatter your body type? Wink n Pout stylists answer! (But don’t worry, it is just the beginning and in the coming days we will talk about cheat codes to wearing other spring trends as well!)

Wide Leg Trousers – Rectangle/Sporty Ruler Shape

L to R Marni, J. Crew , Michael Kors

Move over skinny, it is truly about wide leg trousers this season. They could be only slightly so like J.Crew or dramatic palazzos like Marni.

Why they work for you?
The volume and cinching at the waist together breaks away from your linear body type and gives you a flattering waist. To keep it androgynous, pair up with a loose button down or tee. Au contraire, a sleeveless tank or blouse tucked in, will bring out femininity. And yes, they can be worn with flats. We will show you how soon.

Crop Tops – Hourglass

L to R Charlotte Ronsen , Alice & Olivia, ALC

Crop tops are not disappearing from the fashion scene anytime soon. If anything they are stronger this season. But what are you afraid of? You can show off that tiny waist right, and it does not have to be a lot, just a peek is enough.

Why they work for you?
As an hourglass, you have a waist to die for and a crop top highlights just that. Whether you choose to wear it with a pencil skirt or pyjama pants, will instantly change the look. We love it with a blazer as well. And just in case, you feel busty in a crop top, try on a scoop or a V neckline and it should solve it!

Visible Shoulders and collar bone – Pear

L to R Christian Siriano, Balmain , 3.1 Philp Lim,

Yes, we love those curves and there is nothing to hide. But there is definitely benefit in moving the eye upwards for the pear, to balance the whole body out. So what better trend can you ask for than exposed shoulders and collar bone?

Why they work for you?
While last season, embellished necklines were doing the trick of moving the eye upwards this season you bare your shoulders. This widens the upper body in a flattering way to balance your lower half. And you can expose them in various ways  – an off the shoulder neckline, cutaway neckline, spaghetti straps or sheer panels!

Boxy Shift Blouse– Apple

L to R Calvin Klein Collection, Nanette Lepore, Clover Canyon

If you could emphasize your shapely legs and leave alone that rounded waist and that too fashionably, wouldn’t it be an awesome thing? If we love the empire line for doing justice to your curves, we love the boxy shift blouse because of its ease of wearing and yet being flattering.

Why they work for you?
Having a rounded waist, we seldom advice you to cinch it. With a boxy blouse of appropriate proportions, you can choose to go oversized on top and fitted on the bottom or show off those legs in a skirt or shorts. This way, it brings out your best features. Be wary of really boxy sleeves though; look for something like Nanette Lepore as she strikes a balance between boxy and fluid.

Plisse Pleated Skirts – Inverted Triangle

L to R Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler

Yes, you got those bold shoulders but the plisse pleated skirts show off your feminine side. Best of both worlds? Can be!

Why they work for you?
Volume below the waist has always worked wonderfully well for the inverted triangle. It balances out your strong shoulders but the plisse pleats don’t have the dramatic volume of the skater skirts. They are soft, beautiful and ladylike. Wear them with button downs, a lightweight cardigan or even play up your shoulders along with a cut away neckline. If you would not like that then stick to V and scoop necklines.

So those were the top 5 trends for spring summer 2014, interpreted for your body shape. We haven’t even started talking colors and prints yet so stick around! Also to follow many a how-to-wear guides!

But if you need a stylist with you 24X7 suggesting you flattering looks, don’t wait for the blog get the free Wink n Pout app on your Apple and Android device!


5 thoughts on “5 Spring 2014 Trends for 5 Body Shapes!

  1. Ooh, I love the sporty crop top look for my hourglass shape, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear one… I might have to try it and see haha! Another great post, a fun read! 🙂

  2. Just discovered your site and I’m officially hooked! Do by any chance have a post on how to identify your body shape and style it. I think I might be an inverted triangle but not hundred percent sure. Thanks!!!

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