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How to pull off Desk to Dinner looks like a pro!

Dressing for office is already difficult enough (Or shall we change it to, dressing is already difficult enough?) Add to that the need of going to an event straight from work or to happy hour or to catch dinner. How do you even juggle both things in the same outfit?
You have seen the impossibly chic lady from the other end of the office pull it off ever so often that it gets frustrating! But fret no more! That’s what the Wink n Pout Cheat Codes are for! (And well Wink n Pout, as in the app, it is for helping you dress up for any occasion, it is like having a free personal stylist in your phone!)

So, anyhow let’s now get down straight to business and learn how to take a look from desk to dinner like a pro!

  1. Plan ahead: If you have to take out your clothes the night before, do that. But as a non-pro, not planning ahead will never get you anywhere. Once you start to get a hang of it, maybe an extra 5-10 min in the morning will be enough.
  2. Dresses are easy: Taking a dress from desk to dinner is way easier to accomplish than separates. So maybe start with that! For office – Add layers like a blazer or a cardigan. In the evening, remove the layer!  Of course there are accessories but we will talk about them separately below.
  3. Accessories are the answer: So which are the earrings or necklace that you wouldn’t wear to office? Those are the ones you would wear to dinner and hence you should change into them. So this is where the planning is helpful, you plan your day and evening accessories in advance and pack them!
  4. Bold lipstick or eyes: You wouldn’t do that in office usually, but for going out, makeup slightly on the bolder side is almost always well received. But the key here is to choose one- eyes or lips. Lips are usually easier and quicker to work on in the car mirror or the office bathroom. So nude lipstick gives way to fiery red or a hot pink.
  5. A twinpurpose bag: While shopping for a bag for office, yes invest in the basics but also own a bag that works in the day without a frown and in the evening without being too boring. When planning to go from desk to dinner carry that bag! (Shopping list below of course)
  6. Extra Shoes: If you can manage, carry an extra pair of evening shoes as they instantly elevate your outfit from desk to dinner without much effort. You can leave the office pair in the desk drawer until the next day to save you from trouble!
  7. To work a suit: Yes, even suits can be taken from desk to dinner. The answer lies in the blouse. For the day you may choose to wear a button-up but for the night choose an embellished or sheer blouse instead and with a pair of high heels, you should be rocking the look!
  8. Print and color: A printed piece or a bold color piece can be made to work in the day with a classic black blazer. For the night, it will be dressy enough if worn without the blazer. You can apply this print/color rule to dresses as well. (and not just blouses and pants)
  9. Don’t forget your perfume: To top it all, just a few spritzes of your favorite evening perfume will give your desk to dinner look another dimension!
  10. You can change the hair: From an elegant ponytail to a messy bun or quick braided bun does not take much and change the perception of your outfit. So be ready with a quick evening hairstyle and pulling off a desk to dinner look will be all the more easier.

So, enough with the words though. Let’s show you how it’s done with a dress, a suit and your regular separates. Also, at the end a few bags that serve the purpose of desk to dinner!

Taking a dress from Desk to Dinner

Desk Look – Dress • Blazer • Watch • Flats • Bag
Dinner Look – Heels • Necklace

Taking a Suit from Desk to Dinner

Desk Look – Blazer • Trouser • Button Down • Shoes • Bag
Dinner Look – Heels

Taking Separates from Desk to Dinner

Desk Look – Blouse • Pants • Necklace • Heels • Bag
Dinner Look – Necklace

Great Desk to Dinner Bags

BejeweledStuddedDirty BlueBlack & WhiteBig Bow

5 Desk To dinner Looks For 5 Body Shapes

We have spoken about this earlier,
so just click on the heading if you are interested in that post from the archives!

So that’s a wrap for our today’s cheat codes.
Did they help? Would you like to add something? The comment section below is open!


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