25 One- Piece Wonders under $100

One hit wonder we know, so what’s a one piece wonder? Well, they are these gorgeous statement pieces that you slip-on and they are enough on their own. You wouldn’t need to think about accessories a lot, just go for something basic that compliments and you are ready to take on the world! But if you feel bold, pair it with statement accessories and you are ready to even make the shutterbugs click at the fashion week!

It is the easiest way to dress but it leaves an impact! We have been inspired for this post by the street of course. And what is included in our list? How a piece becomes a statement is because of its print, color or silhouette or construction details. So, that is exactly what you should expect to find in this list. And we have gone on to include dresses, maxi dresses, rompers (playsuits) and jumpsuits.

So have a look at our favorite street style selections and then shop for these one-piece wonders for spring, all on a budget…. under $100!street-style-inspiration-with-one-piece-garments


The selection includes one-piece wonders for both the day and evening. Did your heart flutter for any one the above? Or do you already have such pieces in your wardrobe? How do you wear them – with basic accessories or statement pieces? Tell us all in the comments below!



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