5 things Lupita Nyongo’o teaches us about beauty! + Happy Women’s Day


Lupita bagging an Oscar for her performance in 12 year a slave is still buzzing. But what has become viral overnight is her speech at the seventh annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon hosted by Essence magazine. And if you still haven’t watched the video, well you should right here and then we can have a nice Women’s day conversation about it!

Moving right? There is so much to take home and her words were nothing short of inspiring. What team Wink n Pout took from it and what we want to share with you this Women’s day is just this :

#1 We all need heroes!

What Alek Wek did for Lupita, she did for another girl – the girl who wrote the letter. And you can identify with it because in our lives we all need women to look upto. The women we can identify with, the women we find beautiful. The women who become our role models, who are success stories, the women of strength who transform the impossible into possible.

Tell us you don’t feel empowered just by looking at a plus-size blogger with an ounce of style and making it big. We all want heroes to relate to and how we pay back is by trying to be that hero for someone as well. But where to find these heroes? That brings us to the next point.


#2 We need diversity of women on screen just like off-screen

Lupita clearly states that women as dark as her are under-represented in the media. That goes for a lot “type” of women actually. Just take a look around, think about all the women around you. Do you notice the diversity of women that exists in real life? And do you notice how skewed the representation of women in media is? They simply idolize and bring forth the type of women that are exceptionally few in numbers. And that is where the trouble lies.

So it makes us happy, to be in the blogosphere, because here we find diversity. And we hope, that it will filter through to conventional media as well so that women and young girls everywhere can have their heroes.

#3 Young girls are at risk

As a young girl, Lupita though she was not beautiful. And if you are in touch with reality you would know that many young girls out there are fed with so much nonsense that they feel the same. Body hate as a teenager is such a major problem of this nation right now and we just can’t choose to ignore it and do nothing about it. And who feeds that nonsense in their heads? Well for one, if she sees adults around her not finding them beautiful, she will sub consciously pick up the signals. And secondly the major factor we believe are advertisements. Read below.

#4 Advertisements exploit us

Remember how the girl talks about buying Dencia’s Whitenecious cream? The flaw is advertisements don’t sell products. They sell beauty, they sell success, they sell popularity, they sell youth, heck they sell dreams… impose them rather. They make you believe that if you are not a certain color, you can’t be anything. They tell you if you are not a certain weight, you can’t be anything. So on and so forth. And we, young girls and adult women, by virtue of seeing the message again and again fall prey. Women hate themselves and their bodies so much because we are expected to, ingrained with that idea since a very young age.

If this interests you, you can enlighten yourself further on advertisements by watching Killing us Softly by Jean Kilbourne.


#5 Let’s be beautiful human beings first

The best part actually comes towards the end of her speech. And we couldn’t agree with her or her mother more when it is said that “You can’t eat beauty, it doesn’t feed you.” So this women’s day let’s promise to ourselves that we will not focus just on the external beauty. It’s hard to do in a world like this, but internal beauty is still above everything. And let’s promise to pass on this message to the young girls around us!


With all of those thought Happy Women’s Day everyone! We love all you women bloggers, readers, Wink n Pout app users out there. And we would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section!


6 thoughts on “5 things Lupita Nyongo’o teaches us about beauty! + Happy Women’s Day

    YOU ALL are the most wonderful human beings ever!
    Second note, can’t we ALL just be human beings? NO ONE on this earth asked to be thier color.
    That being said, Beauty is not color. Beauty is indeed from within. Lupita surely defines that!
    Thank you WnP once again for such an inspiration!!
    I LOVE YOU ALL! *inside and out*

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