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Can Plus Size Women wear Body Con dresses?

In a single word YES, and in a few more words – if you can get comfortable with it. Body Con dresses of course hug you everywhere, all the bumps and curves, in all your magnificence. Now, since we are so used to seeing near zero figures donning the body con dress that it becomes hard to imagine on a plus size women. And while a lot of plus size women will shy away from it, we show you the trend setters who embrace the body con dress so stylishly.

So, you are wondering how to use this post? Get inspired with all the bloggers wearing body con dresses and learn how to style one on yourself and to pull it off in a similar fashion.

How to wear Body Con Dress for Plus Size women

  • In most cases, getting great control underwear will enhance your confidence as well as look of the body con dress for you. But trust us, this is optional and if you feel comfortable without it, then you can definitely go ahead.
  • No show undergarments are however a must. Panty lines or a bra that is not seamless will do nothing to help you pull off a body con dress successfully.
  • Don’t make the mistake of buying a size too small, especially for a body con dress – wear your size. In fact try a larger size but make sure it’s not bigger say at shoulders, sleeves etc.
  • And now, for specific tips on how to style your body con dress, see our favorite blogger looks.

Printed body con dresses somewhat camouflage your little imperfections that you are seeing. So choose a nice print – floral, geometric, medallion, mirror… so much to choose from.
L to R:  Betty Bee from Pamper and Curves  and Style Plus Curves

Jackets and blazers

It is a really good idea to pair up your body con dress with denim or leather jacket or even structured blazers.
L to R : Aimee from Madison  and Pepper from Pretty Plus Pepper

Clever Color Blocking

Side panels of a different color in a dress  or otherwise clever colorblocking is a really good way to wear a body con dress.
L  to R: Rebecca from The plus side of me and Alissa from Alissa Savone

Belted up

Either actual waist belts or prints that contain belts really make the body con dress more appealing.
L to R: Kristin from and Lisa from Curvy Q


The peplum body con dress is plus size women’s real friend. Look at these two stylish women below and you would know it. Use the silhouette till it remains trendy in fashion books.
L to R : Grown and Curvy woman and Ashley from

Even Horizontal Stripes

Yes, it is possible to wear horizontal stripes in a body con dress for plus size women. Don’t believe us? Just have a look below.
L to R : Felicity from Felecity and Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou

Sexy Details

Go bold, wear a loud lip color, loud accessories or a plunging neckline with your body con dress.
L to R : Sarah Anne at Big Hips red Lips and Dani from

So, do you feel differently about the body con dress now as a plus size woman? Go rock the look.


5 thoughts on “Can Plus Size Women wear Body Con dresses?

  1. I LOVE bodycon dresses! they make up the bulk of my work wardrobe. I am generally size 16-20, depending on the brand. Bodycon dresses make a brilliant foundation tonnes of awesome outfits! I love matching a bold printed bodycon dress with a black blazer, wearing beautiful flowing shirts over a plain black bodycon dress, and my hubby LOVES me in my plunging neckline bodycon dress from ASOS!

  2. I found an amazing body con dress but wasn’t sure whether to wear it or not, I’m a 16/18!! Will be wearing it for sure after seeing these fab lady’s!! So sick of being pointed towards the tent like frocks!!

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