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How many Jeans should a girl own?

The average American woman owns 7 pairs of jeans. Are they necessary? How many should you have in your jeans wardrobe? Our stylists try hard to answer the question for you! So how should you decide?

  • Lifestyle – If your works allows you to wear jeans only over the weekend, then you might want to invest in more number of pants than jeans. Vice Versa for a say a college student.
  • Trends – While there are some classic pairs to own, keep space for trendier versions each season or every alternating season as well. So if you want trendy denim in your wardrobe as well, you number of pairs may increase.

Remember all through our guide we point out the type of denim to own and not exactly the fit. The fit of denim is largely based on your body type and we write tomorrow again to cover body types and denim fits!


The ultimate basics – 3 pairs

If nothing else, you have got to have a pair of black denim, a darker or lighter piece (based on what flatters your body shape better) and a medium blue. This trio combination will take you from casual to casual chic and even semi-formal with ease.

As far as the fit is concerned, you can either stick to a type that flatters you best or have two pairs of your best fit (skinny or straight leg and so on) and third pair in your second best fit or the boyfriend denim.

The next upgrade – 5 pairs

If the 3 pairs are not enough, the next level is adding two more. Consider adding a pair of color (pastel is so hot now, and we absolutely love grey). Then add a completely or semi distressed pair as your 5th.

 • Color

The average American – 7 pairs

As our stylists believe, 7 pairs of denim in a wardrobe is a really good number. So which two pairs should you add next? If in your original trio you had light colored denim, add dark or vice versa. The 7th pair can be a trendy printed pair.

 • Dark Wash

The Denim Junkie – 9 pairs

If you are denim junkie, 9 pairs should suit you just fine, though no judgments if you have and want more 😉 But now that you have all the basics in place and certain trendy pieces as well – experiment with a new blue and wash. Your 9th pair can be a piece of embellished pair.

Acid wash
 • Embellished

The ultimate Denim Fashionista – 11 pairs

Add a pair of coated denim which is great for the evenings as well when paired right. Next add something eccentric, sky is the limit. The latest pair of denim straight off the runaway has to be in your wardrobe. So indulge yourself and yes going beyond 11 pairs will not harm anyone 😉

 • Patched Jeans

So hope this indicative guide to denim helps you build up your wardrobe. Check back tomorrow for a guide to denim fits and body shapes!



6 thoughts on “How many Jeans should a girl own?

  1. Oh dear, I am definitely a denim junkie, I have well over the “necessary” amount of jeans haha! But I freely admit that I live in my denim, I can’t help myself!! 😉

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