Tips from the stylist

Most flattering Denim Fits for all Body Shapes

Should a certain body shape wear only certain denim fits? The answer is no. Do certain fits look really flattering on certain body types? The answer is a clear yes.

So, today the stylists at Wink n Pout are not here to tell you that you should wear only a certain denim fit, you can and you should explore beyond the fashion rules (we always advocate it, read “Can Curvy women wear skinny jeans”) But we discuss here the most flattering denim fits for each one of you.

L to R : Skinny, Straight Leg, Boot Cut, Flare, Boyfriend

Flattering denim fit for Hourglass

As an hourglass you have curvy hips, ample thighs and narrow waist. The best fits for you will be:
• Straight Leg as it balances out your hips
• Skinny for whenever you want an oomph quotient by flaunting those curves.
• Keep an eye on the waist gaping, as a narrower waist means the denim that fit at the waist may not fit well at thighs and hips. Look for denim especially for curvy figures like yours.

Flattering denim fit for Sporty Ruler

A lack of a lot of curve can be a good thing when it comes to your denim shopping, if you follow the right trends that is.
• The slim boyfriend fit, obviously androgynous will look gorgeous on you. If you want to give it a feminine edge, roll it up a bit and pair with heels.
• If you fancy slight curves instead, pick up a slightly flared denim piece that fits beautifully over your hips and thighs.

Flattering denim fit for Apple

You have a wide waist and equal or narrower hips.
• Muffin top could be faux pas for you if you buy a denim fit narrow at the waist. You need a pair that is equal, larger or only slightly lesser than your hips.
• A skinny jeans will allow you to show off your legs, as they are one of your assets.
• Opt for straight leg when you want to appear more balanced with your torso.

Flattering denim fit for Pear

As someone with wide bottom (hips and thighs both) as compared to the torso you can take two directions with your denim.
• The Boot cut is a good choice as it balances your curvy hips while fitting the thighs as well as knees and slightly below it as well.
• Skinny Jeans are great when worn in the right color and wash (crazy whiskering on the thighs for example usually won’t do you good, and darker colors will always balance out your torso by taking inches off your bottom visually)

Flattering denim fit for Inverted Triangle

You have broad beautiful shoulders but a very slim bottom as compared to your torso.
• Clearly a boot cut or a slight flare is a great choice for you to balance your torso well, without comprising on showing off your thighs.
• The next best thing is a straight leg for you, in case you prefer your denim fit less dramatic.

A small note on Rise and washes

The rise of the jeans is the vertical measurement from the crotch to the centre of the waist. Hence, a low rise jeans sits 3 inches or lower than the belly button. A high rise jeans will sit on your belly button or even higher on your natural waist.

For most body shapes the medium rise is the most comfortable. High rise is great for an hourglass body shape and while may be a real trouble for the apple. So when you buy your jeans, pay attention to the rise as well.

Most washes and whiskering will widen your thighs, so if you are not looking for that ( read pear, hourglass) choose the wash wisely and not really dramatic. These washes can be a skinny girl’s or say an inverted triangle’s good friend though. But remember there is no fool proof rule when it comes to washes. So try it on, and don’t lie to yourself in the trying room’s mirror.

If you haven’t read our “How Many Jeans a Girl should own” then go ahead!

To find body shape and figure flattering looks suggested by stylists, download the Wink n Pout app on Apple and Android

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