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Sneakers with dresses, skirts, suits and everything else!


We guess it shows that we have been in a casual mood lately. We talked about denim first and now we are talking sneakers. So, it is no news that sneakers are just not for the gym anymore. You will see them paired up with all the garments that you couldn’t imagine them with a few seasons ago. Yes, we are talking frothy dresses, even gowns and suits. Trust us all the cool people are doing it. Why are you far behind, we wonder… Wouldn’t you love to give the heels a rest for more comfort while it’s trendy?

So since you are here and reading this, let Wink n Pout stylists share their favorite looks off the street. Next, how you too can pull it off. And lastly, a selection of our favorite sneakers that you can shop right now!


Tips for wearing sneakers outside the gym

  • This trend is all about mixing the opposites. So a feminine dress is a good match for your sneakers and so is a formal suit.
  • Let it stand out. Don’t be afraid of sneakers in statement colors and patterns with your neutral outfit. Also remember that a pair of stark white sneakers is a statement as well!
  • When pairing your sneakers with a dress or skirt, pay attention to the length. Each body shape and type will work with different lengths. The sneakers cut you off at ankles, so higher the length and more the leg visible, usually the longer and slender your legs will look.
  • It will take time getting used to. If you have not looked at many street style pictures like these, the look may look all wrong to you. So, look at more and then give it a shot. That ways, your eyes and mind will already be a bit accustomed to it.


Our favorite statement Sneakers for all budgets!






So are you ready to give up your 4 inch stilettos for sneakers? (flat or wedge, any which way you like) Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Sneakers with dresses, skirts, suits and everything else!

  1. You are preaching to the choir with this post – I absolutely love my sneakers and wear them every chance I get!! Love all of these looks and I definitely wouldn’t mind taking home some of these shoes! 😉

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