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5 outfit ideas for Easter (Church service + Brunch & Egg Hunt)

Easter Sunday is coming soon and we are pretty excited about the Holiday. What about you? Are you celebrating the traditional way by going to the church in the morning or just getting together for a meal and some egg hunting. Or are you going to be doing both? Either ways, what to wear on Easter is often a confusing question.

You want to be dressed for church but want to be comfortable for later. Or maybe you are wondering how dressed is dressed? We got you covered in the dressing department as that is Wink n Pout really does. The styling app suggests you flattering outfits for any occasion at all.

But, for this post let’s stick to Easter. Here are a few tips from our stylists.

  • Easter unofficially rings in spring. So it always makes sense to celebrate the oncoming of the new season with florals, pastels and lace. In the outfits, we have subtly included those details, without going over the top.
  • Most Easter Church services will require you to dress up formally or semi-formally. If you know the dress code there, it is great. If you don’t consider asking family or friends or the church directly. The outfits that we suggest will work for such a setting perfectly.
  • So, clearly a modest dress or a combination of a skirt and blouse are great picks to be worn on Easter Sunday. Pair it with your beloved heels.
  • To make the same combination work for outdoors, you got to change into some comfortable flats. And also, just in case it gets chilly, carry your cardigan as well. These minor changes will make the outfit work for both occasions!

Take your Easter Outfit from Church to Egg Hunt


Church :  Dress . Earrings . Heels

Egg Hunt / Brunch : Cardigan . Sandals


Church : Skirt . Blouse . Heels

Egg Hunt / Brunch : Cardigan . Flats


Church : Dress . Necklace . Heels

Egg Hunt / Brunch : Cardigan . Flats


Church : Dress . Earrings . Heels

Egg Hunting / Brunch : Cardigan . Flats


Church : Skirt. Blouse. Heels

Egg Hunt / Brunch : Cardigan . Flats

So, tell us what your plans are this Easter and what do you plan to wear? We will look forward to your comments! Also, don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout app for Apple and Android.


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