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50 Belts under $50 for Spring Summer 2014

At Wink n Pout we talk about Belts a lot. That is so because one kind or the other works for almost all body types. Done right, belts and cinched waist are really flattering. So, over the weekend the team got to work and put together an ultimate list of Spring Belts!

But not just any belts, they are all under $50 and organized into categories for you to choose from. It is definitely good to have one from each category, so that you have a belt for the evening, day dresses, denim shorts or jeans or even minimal outfits where belts need to make a statement.


For tips on how to wear belts to flatter your body type, we suggest you download the Wink n Pout app for Android or Apple . It would give you just the right tips to dress to flatter your own body!

But before that, let’s get going with our hand-picked 50 belts for Spring Summer 2014.

Metallic and Embellished

1 • 23456789 • 10

Colored Belts


Waist Belts

12345 • 6 • 7 • 8910

Skinny Belts


Printed and Patterned Belts


How did you like the list? How many belts do you own? Do you add new ones every season? Leave your thoughts below, start a conversation!


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