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Do you love or hate shapewear?

We just had to bring it up. Let’s have a discussion on shapewear right here. Because we have had that discussion many a time in our office, it is time we brought it to our readers and app users as well.


And this is something that we all will maybe a have a view on. After all, a majority of women, regardless of their shape and size have worn or tried one on in their lifetime. Some of us are its regular users too. So what are our concerns regarding shapewear? We list them out!


  • First, we have not met one woman who says she was able to lose 2 or more dress sizes as many an ads promise. It just smoothes out all the bumps and curves and that too, not beyond a certain degree.
  • All these ladies looking hot in spanx feel like just another of those ads that make us believe spanx is sexy – Much like everything in fashion is portrayed as sexy to make it covetable. But encased and almost breathless in a garment, does it feel sexy or uncomfortable in reality?
  • So while we are talking about uncomfortable, don’t we all feel so damn hot when its spring or summer due to that one extra layer that is squeezing you so tight? Don’t you too get all sweaty? Surely it doesn’t feel too good.


  • Then, how do you go to the bathroom? The pee hole certainly doesn’t work. And taking the shapewear off in a public bathroom and putting it on, isn’t it like a task sent from hell?
  • How do you deal with it when it rolls all the way down and you can’t roll it back up for a while, because you are stuck some place – say a date.
  • Talking about a date, if you decide to sleep with him – does it feel comfortable dressing down to reveal a shapewear before lingerie? Has anyone else been there too?
  • Does it not feel like the best feeling in the world when you take the shapewear off at the end of a long day? When you can finally breathe? Have you ever treated yourself say with a glass of wine, just to tell you body what a gigantic task it pulled off by wearing it all day?


A whole lot of negatives you will think. Well yes, we did list them all out or at least tried to. You can tell us more. But we won’t deny the heartbreaking feeling that you get once you put on a dress and it does not look good to you in the mirror because of all the bulges. You would do anything to mend that feeling, not breathing well the whole day or having all the problems listed above only feel like a small price to get over that heartbreak. Yes, we have been there too.

So, today we ask ourselves – why the heartbreak? Why aren’t we good enough for ourselves? Why do we need to hide ourselves away? Even though, we have no judgement if you love your shapewear and it makes you feel good about yourself. We are only wondering that what has gone so with our perceptions of beauty that we can’t accept the body we live in. Body shame in any way disturbs us, just that we realize it all the more now that how deep it is. How woven it is in our daily lives that we fail to even notice it anymore.

We’d really like to hear hence – do you love shapewear or hate it? And why? Leave us a comment, let’s discuss!
So tell us…


8 thoughts on “Do you love or hate shapewear?

  1. For certain outfits it does help smooth things out, for me it’s my belly that I have always had issues with. I have learned how to dress my body in flattering ways without having to wear shapewear. It’s a good item to have for particular occasions but it’s rarely comfortable. I don’t use it to hide my body. I view it as a tool to look my best, like makeup.

  2. I think it’s good with certain outfits because it helps you look smoother but for every day? I could never. It is tight and uncomfortable but if it’s just for a special event then I think it’s worth it.

  3. Shapewear is only to be used for very specific purposes and, even then, only in extreme necessity. It is awful, tight, hot, uncomfortable and SO NOT SEXY! It has its purpose for smoothing bumps and small rolls, etc, under tight skirts or dresses, but that’s pretty much it. I have never once worn shapewear and felt or looked like those models in the photos make it look haha!

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