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User Question: Taking your style from feminine to bold

Question: Hi, I was wondering how to change my style form being very girly to being being more bold? Thanks

Wink n Pout Says There are many ways to go about this style transition. Here are a few ideas:

# 1 Change your silhouettes from flouncy and fluid to more structured and streamlined. Even switching to classic button-downs can help, but you can keep little feminine details. For eg. The below styles.

Skirt • Blouse • Cut-out Blouse

#2 Choose bold colors in the above silhouettes. Cobalt Blue, gold yellow, orange etc are hot right now. But if you love your pink choose fuschia instead of the lighter pinks and pair it right. (See #3)

Blue dress • Orange Shirt • Fuschia

#3 To wear your floral or any feminine pieces that you might already have in your wardrobe – choose to pair them up with denim or leather. So, yes choosing your fabrics carefully can lead to a bolder style. Georgette, lace etc are majorly feminine fabrics. And add leather pants to your wardrobe!

#4 Now since you can’t suddenly make a gigantic style transition, there is a trend that can prove to be middle ground. You can buy pastel blouses – but low cut and minimal. They can be bold and feminine at the same time.

Blue • Mint Green • Lilac

#5 Black and white geometric prints will instantly take you towards a bolder style.

Skirt • Top • Shoes

#6 Show your style transition through accessories. Choose the bolder ones.

Belt • Bag • Necklace

Above all, remember the style suggestions are to exemplify. Be sure to check in your personal Wink n Pout profile, in the app, to know which styles flatter your body type!

Have a personal style question? Or you always fancied having a personal stylist? The Wink n Pout app is for you! Get it on your Apple or Android device.


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