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14 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The conversation in our office today is not revolving around fashion or style. You guessed it, it involves our moms. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, some of us have already bought gifts and some are still trying to figure out options. No judgements it does happen.

So since we were so confused and were putting in the research to come up with some thoughtful ideas, we thought why not help you readers out too! Hence if you too are stuck and can’t find a bright idea, we hope this post will point you in the right direction!


#1 A perfect “Indulgent” Red Lipstick!

The word to note here is INDULGE. Of course she already has a red lipstick, but does she own a coveted one? If not then why not gift her one? After all sometimes we come up with all excuses not to get something in our head but secretly wish for it to be gifted. Strikes a chord?

mothers day gift ideas dior lipstick

Dior Lipstick

#2 A thoughtful Kit

Kits are really fun to have and so useful. Period. But what kind of kits are we talking about? Well, any kind depending on your mother’s interest. There are super makeup kits out there, fragrance kits, travel kits and even DIY Herb garden Kits. So personalize this idea according to your mom’s hobbies.


Travel Kit . DIY Herb Garden Kit


#3 Jewelry

This is a classic gift and works every time. You would know your mother’s taste right? If not, our stylists picked two pieces that can fit right in with any wardrobe.


Necklace . Earrings


#4 Watch

Again a time and tested idea for gifting. You can either get her a watch type ( strap, chain etc.) that she already loves or add a new type to her collection. We personally love this one.




#5 Perfume

We don’t one lady who did not dream of having a Chanel No. 5 at least once in her life. Did your mother have that dream too? You can get her the classic or even opt for a contemporary one, if that is her type.


Chanel No. 5 . Daisy Marc Jacobs


#6 Clutch

Get her a piece that is classic yet trendy. It is a useful gift that bounds to come in handy (pun intended) many a times. This hair calf Skin number is our current favorite in that category. We never see it going out of style!




#7 Wine or Spa

You are grateful that your mom gave up so many comforts at times to grow you up. Thank her by indulging her. You can get her a spa gift card so that she can choose for herself or else we are all favoring the personalized Wine tasting kit!


Wine . Spa


#8 Kindle

Kindle or any other tablet of her choice. There is no reason that she should be away from technology like this, assuming she doesn’t own one already!




#9 A Diary / Book

If she loves to write ( or loved) get her a beautiful journal so that she can jot things down the old way. In fact you can write a message to her on the first page of the journal and trust us she would be really happy. Or in case she loves to read, get her this chicken soup edition., it really is perfect for the occasion.


Diary . Book


#10 Quote Wall Art

Let’s get really direct here. Let’s tell our moms we love them with a quote… simple! She can hang her up on her wall and she would be always be reminded of our feelings!


Wall Art


#11 Louboutin

If you mom loves shoes or is a fashionista, this is an ultimate luxury. Get her the red soled beauty, take her out shopping this Sunday and spend time with her too.




#12 Scarf

Here too you can get her an Hermes or get her a vintage find or in fact anything that you think will look lovely on her – it is sometimes not about the money. And scarves, as you may know are really versatile. From dressing up any outfit to even a bag, they are a must-have.




#13 A towel Set

We don’t know what is it with moms and towels. They somehow can never have enough of the pretty ones. So if your mom is like that, get her some pretty ones !


Towel Set


#14 Sky Planters

Well, we simply love these. They can look good practically in any home and in fact become a conversation starter. We are sure moms will love this!


Sky Planters


So are you brimming with mother’s day gifting ideas now? Do share in the comments below if you have a new one! It might just put a smile on someone else’s mother! Also, if you can’t get her a gift we say give her the gift of your time 🙂 If it’s been a while, spend time with her and we are sure you will make her happy on Mother’s day!




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