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How to wear Tropical prints: Trend 2014 !

Are you holidaying in Hawaii? Or any other tropical places? Well then you simply don’t need these prints (unless you want to look all tourist-ty of course *wink*) But for the rest of us, we are happy just incorporating tropical prints in our city wardrobes to depict where we would really rather be!

But unlike florals, tropical prints are a bit too bold by definition. Think palm trees, realistic looking flora and fauna and usually bright colors. So wearing the tropical print trend in 2014 will be anything but simple for a lot of you.

So, the stylist at Wink n Pout felt that it would be helpful to show you around some way that you can completely nail this trend! So whether you want to go upper bold with the tropical trend or want to follow a meek fashionista’s route – we show you how!

Team up with Basics

This look : Blouse • Skort • Necklace • Shoes


Shop this style : Pencil Skirt • Shorts • Top • Pant

We all have those basic black and white tees in our wardrobes and basic pant as well. So the first way is to find a tropical piece that work wonderfully well with your basics. This way you will have multiple ways to wear that one piece and also you will feel it the perfect mix of comfort (because of the basic) and bold.

Tropical Accessories


This Look : Dress • Bag • Necklace • Heels

Now this is the meek route we referred to before. All you got to do is buy that one tropical accessory and throw it in your basic looks to update them for summer 2014. From bags to baseball caps, you will find a lot of tropical accessories out there. We have picked out a few for you too!


Shop this StyleShoes • Sunglasses • Shoes • Cap

Statement pieces

This Look : DressHeels • Clutch


Shop this style
Strappy necklineShift DressRed DressThe body-con dress

This is not the boldest way to wear tropical prints yet. However all you got to do I get your hand on that one statement piece like a dress, romper or jumpsuit and pair it with your basic shoes and bag! One printed piece is enough of an attention grabber in this case.

Team up with Prints

So finally the trickiest and boldest way to wear tropical prints in 2014! Pair it with another print is what we say! This one might need some training and you might want to read our earlier post about rules of mixing prints first. But here, we have already picked some combinations that work! So pick them right away and you can learn the rules later too!

Look : Skirt • Top
Shop This Style : Shirt • Pants | Dress • Scarf

So those are the four ways in which we feel you can wear tropical prints like a pro right now! Do you have any tropical print pieces in your wardrobe? How do you wear them? We love comments – leave one below!

 Also, do you have the Wink n Pout app on Apple and Android?
It’s free and lets you have a personal stylist in your phone! No reason not to have it right?



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