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Do wrap dresses work for every body type?

So is there a dress that really is for everyone? No matter the number on the weighing scale or your ample curves or lack thereof is there a dress to flatter all? Well, the answer might just be right around the corner and you may even know it already – The Wrap Dress!

But is it a myth that it works for everyone or is it reality? And if it a reality then what makes is so special. Let’s find out. But first, from the daily mail ( , look at different shaped women wearing the same wrap dress. These pictures sure prove that all-flattering wrap dress is a reality.

L to R – Pear, hourglass and petite

L to R: Busty, Plus size, athletic

Source :

More over these are some of our favorite plus size women rocking the wrap dress. So you know that you can be any weight and pull it off.

Left : Girl in red • Right : The Patterned wrap dress


Left : Girl in Blue • Right : Girl in floral wrap dress

Why it works?

  1. The neckline – Believe it or not but the deep V neck is one of the most flattering necklines out there for every body type. It visually narrows your waist, for busty women it does not add on bulk, it brings attention to your décolletage (the area that most women don’t think of as their problem area) So, the first feature automatically gets the dress brownie points!
  2. The Wrap – Since the real wrap or the faux wrap is just a little below your bust it accentuates the slimmest part of your body. For busty women, this wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t for the V neck. With the right balance of slimming and accentuating, the cut of the dress scores perfection. For someone who is rather a ruler shaped, this creates an illusion of curves that weren’t there in the first place.
  3. The silhouette – Now once the dress is wrapped below the bust, there are drapes around it that can help you cover up any extra fat. Also, due to its cut it does not cling to the body but rather flows slightly away from it. This silhouette again is really flattering for all body types.
  4. The fabric – The usual fabric of a wrap dress is jersey, but the weight of jersey makes a lot of difference. To get a hang of this, even if you don’t plan on buying and expensive piece like DVF’s go try one on to know the kind of fabric you should be looking for. The fabric also plays an important role in will the dress work for you or not.
  5. Easy transition – The wrap dress when worn with sleek accessories (and maybe a camisole to keep that cleavage under wraps) is board room friendly but with a nice shoes and jewelry can instantly look evening ready. This makes desk to dinner days a lot easier.

Our favorite wrap dresses

Python Print • Oil GreenPatterned Orange • Navy

Royal Blue Coral • Belted Ruched shirt-wrap dressBlack and white

So that’s a wrap on the wrap dress 😉
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