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7 Style tips to look taller

Being short in the fashion world may feel like a curse to many. Just like we have a delusional sense of what our weight should be looking at the models, same hold true for height. Where tall is the gold standard, being short may make you feel like you can’t pull off many a trends or torturing your feet in heels is the only option. The stylists at Wink n Pout beg to differ.

We use short celebrities as an example and tell you all how you too can visually trick the eye to look taller. And while heels will always work, there are other things that you can remember while dressing up to look taller.

Same color head to toe
Color is a powerful visual tool. When you put on a single color from head to toe, visually the torso and legs come together smoothly. And since you can’t distinguish it at once, the trick’s effect is elongation.

V neckline
We have often pointed out how V neckline is the most flattering neckline out there. It not only gives an elongating effect by baring your neck, shoulders and décolletage but also makes your waist appear thinner. So it is an elongating and width reducing neckline.

The right hemline – maxi skirt or dress or super short
While we wouldn’t say the midi hemline can’t be worn by petites, we did a post about that earlier. But all we are saying is there are certain hemlines that work better in the department of making you look taller. The maxi skirt or dress or the floor grazing hemline is one of them. Don’t fall for the myth that maxi aren’t for short people.

Next when you are going for a short hemline, go as short as you can and show off your legs to appear taller.

High waists details
You should opt for high waist skirt or shorts whenever you can to look taller. This way you can even work the just-above-the calf-length. Also when it comes to dresses, drop waists dresses are not such a good idea but skater or fit and flare dresses are. They fit and define your natural waist and hence we put it under the category of high waist detailing.

Pointy low vamp shoes
Even when you buy flat shoes, remember that pointy ones will make you look taller. Also remember that let the shoe be cut low near the base of your toes, even shoe some toe cleavage if you like. These tips work for elongating. The other golden rule is wearing shoes close to your skin tone. It visually merges your legs and shoes and hence tricking the eye to assume them longer.

Top knots and shorter hair
Longer hair can bag your small frame down. So go short with your hair, if you are bold enough go for a pixie or else a bob. Even Shoulder length chic hair can work. Otherwise tie your hair up in top knot, baring the neck and also adding a few visual inches.

Flare jeans
Yes we love our skinnies but when it comes to looking taller, a boot cut is our jeans of choice. Let it fit you snugly above the knee and flare out below it. And if you wear it with heels and let the hemline almost graze the floor then extra brownie points !!

So follow these tips and you can look taller than your frame any day. If you want more style tips and help dressing up get the Wink n Pout app!



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