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14 ways to wear Denim/Chambray Shirt

What’s new with the much loved classic the denim shirt? Well we’ve been looking for new ideas to wear it besides the denim on denim and denim on leather combinations. And what’s pretty cool is that our stylists have managed to put together a list of 14 ways that you can try wearing your denim or chambray shirt. You may already have tried some but we are sure you’ll find some fresh ideas here!

Let’s start the list then shall we?

#1 Denim shirt with a head wrap

Head wraps saw the light of the day in the earlier seasons, but today we love it with a denim shirt more than anything else.


#2 Denim shirt tied around the waist

We’re sure there are divided opinions on this one because tying a shirt on the waist is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is, skip the regular plaid t-shirt and tie denim shirt. You can do so with your jeans and tee combination or even use It in place of a belt to define waist in an otherwise anti-fit blouse.


#3 Denim Shirt unbuttoned with a tee

A basic color tee or a quote tee, layering a denim shirt on top definitely adds a cool dimension to your look if the weather is right.


#4 Denim shirt with sequins

Combining your bling with a denim shirt is the easiest way to take it from night to day. And if it is a short sequin dress, just button a denim shirt on top for the day and take it off at night.


#5 Denim shirt with white and brown

Denim shirt with white jeans or skirt is a classic combination. But if you were wearing white accessories with it we say introduce brown or tan – way more appealing!


#6 Denim shirt with overalls

This one only applies if you actually like wearing overalls. And if you do the denim shirt instead of your white tee and you will be impressed.


#7 Denim shirt with frilly and feminine skirts

So you’ve bought that tulle skirt or that frilly one but each time you put it on, you feel it’s inappropriate to be worn outside? Try a denim shirt with it and thank us later.


#8 Denim shirt with prints

Denim is a great “neutral” with prints. See it to believe it!


#9 Denim Shirt with leopard print

Among all the prints, the leopard print stands out as it compliments denim shirts exceptionally well. So let your bold side out!


#10 Denim shirt with tribal necklaces

Although, the denim shirt works well with any statement necklace (crystal, cord etc) we especially like its look with a tribal necklace. What is your take?


# 11 Denim shirt with similar hues

Now if you are wearing your denim shirt with jeans, make it statement jeans. If it’s a skirt then too keep the hues similar and the silhouette interesting.


#12 Denim shirt with suits

Now this one isn’t as common with the women as it is with well dressed men. But still if you are a woman who wears suits, we reckon you try this combination and be wowed.


#13 Denim shirt with black dresses

Similar to the style tip mentioned for sequins, denim shirts help black dresses look more day-appropriate. Wear it knotted or unbuttoned depending on your style


#14 Denim shirts with summer Hues

And the final one, don’t be afraid to work your denim shirt with the summer hues like corals and pastels. The look when done right can look extremely casual chic.


That brings us to the end of our exhaustive list! Got anything to add? Leave a comment! And don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout app !


4 thoughts on “14 ways to wear Denim/Chambray Shirt

  1. This is such a good post, thank you for the inspiration! I always struggle to find other ways to wear my denim shirt – really like the prints and the frilly feminine skirt ideas xxx

    • Oh we are so glad if this were helpful to you !! We thought this post must see the light of the day because denim shirts are such a classic ! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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