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Style Crush : Stacked Necklaces

Stacked jewelry, be it rings, bracelets or necklaces seems a lot more in the moment than stand alone statement pieces. And while we feel stacking rings is the easiest to do, bracelets an intermediate level, stacked necklaces are slightly on the difficult side.

While you would be able to get stacking dainty necklaces quickly, stacking statement pieces together may take a while to get a hang of. But not just that, the problem posed with stacking necklaces is to wear which look where.

At Wink n Pout we concentrate on occasion appropriate dressing a lot and guide all our users on looks that compliment the occasion at hand. Hence, today we are confessing our love for stacked necklaces but have also picked up looks to inspire you to wear the trend at work, on a weekend, on a date, in the evening or even at a holiday.

Stacked necklaces for Work

While all work spaces are different and have different clothing ethics, most companies have opened up to fashionable dressing that looks professional yet not boring.

For the most conservative work place, keep it sleek with a choker and longer dainty chains with or without a tiny locket stacked together. Next you can pair a statement necklace with a dainty one. The other way to do it will be to wear a neutral color like black and stack necklaces of a contrasting but same color on top. Lastly, if your work space is bold enough, with a monochromatic outfit pair statement collar and bib necklaces with a similar aesthetic.


Source : Top L . Top R . Bottom L . Bottom R .

Stacked necklaces for the Weekend

Channel Gwyneth by pairing a basic jeans and t-shirt combination with dainty necklaces with varying chain lengths and lockets. With a shirt you can open the top button and wear dainty necklaces of only slightly different lengths that finish at décolletage. A variation of this can be combining a locket necklace with a word necklace like Sarah Jessica Parker. And if you are in the mood to bling it up follow Queen B.


Source : Top L . Top R . Bottom L . Bottom R .

Stacked Necklaces for a Date

Put your favorite dainty necklaces with lockets together and don’t stop at just two. Otherwise you can stock necklaces with lockets and crystals together. If your style is bolder, mix up necklaces with statement lockets. To take it even a notch higher stack crystal and metal bib necklaces in a color close to your outfit. That translates into white being paired with silver instead of gold and black paired with black or dark antique silver.


Source : Top L . Top R . Bottom L . Bottom R .

Stacked necklaces for a Holiday

Go wild and bold with stack necklaces on your holiday. Pick out colorful or tribal beads, motifs like the Ankh or the evil eye or big bold pendants necklace and put it all together. Another great holiday choice is stacking necklaces with tassels.


Source : Top L . Top R . Bottom L . Bottom R .

Stacked necklaces for a Party / Evening

If you are wearing a darker color like black for the party you could either pair up bold gold necklaces of various lengths – one choker and others longer. Or you can add in some color while stacking your necklace with a crystal piece. Go classy with stacking pearl necklaces or cover almost your whole bust with similarly colored necklaces.


Source : Top L . Top R . Bottom L . Bottom R .

Stacked necklaces to make a Statement

Now the trend in itself is a huge statement but there were some styles that we came across that were even bigger statements. Going overboard with crystal necklaces on a basic tee was one of them. Another one was pearls over a black turtle neck and jeans. Or else you can combine a denim shirt with bold gold necklaces or go for 2 bold word necklaces together!


Source : Top L . Top R . Bottom L . Bottom R .

What is your take on the stacked necklace trend? How do you wear it? Let us know in comments below and don’t forget to get yourself the Wink n Pout app on Apple and Android – thank us later!



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