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Rainy Day Looks for all body shapes

Just like we promised in our last post – The Best of Rain Boots (wellies) , today we are going to suggest five rainy day looks for all the body shapes. So just because it rains is not a reason enough to toss your sartorial skills in the bin. Though of course you can chill out and take it easy but putting in some thought with your rain boots as well as umbrella will go a long way in keeping you looking stylish even when it pours.

So below are body shape specific tips and looks for the rain !

Rainy Day look for Sporty Ruler

Let your androgyny through in the rain by simply pairing your distressed jeans with your favorite band’s tank. Next stuff your jeans in them rain boots and contrast with a bright umbrella ! A happy look for when you are happy in the rain!

rainy day looks for inverted triangle

Jeans . Tank . Rain Boots . Umbrella

Rainy Day look for Apple

Use the rainy day to show off your legs if you are apple. We picked this printed pom pom shorts to take all the attention there. Pair with a flounce blouse that is easy on your waist line. Combine with transparent pair of ombre boots and printed umbrella to complete the look!


Blouse . Shorts . Rain Boots . Umbrella


Rainy Day Look for Pear

For the pear, one flattering look for the rains can be a t-shirt dress with a belt defining your waist and some shoulder tabs or pocket details for visual interest. Try a nude pair of boots so that they don’t add any bulk to the legs ! Top with a statement bag and a transparent umbrella!


Dress . Bag . Rain Boots . Umbrella

Rainy Day look for Hourglass

So if you thought you can’t dress up on a rainy day  – think again. We suggest you mix aesthetics. We tried combining a pop art crop top with a formal high-low skirt. Also, keep in mind to go with the color scheme when selecting the rain boots and umbrella !


Crop Top . Skirt . Rain Boots . Umbrella

Rainy Day look for Inverted Triangle

Mix prints and use it your favor. Show off your shoulders boldly with spaghetti straps and combine with a horizontal striped shorts to balance width. Next wear animal print boots for a contrast and carry a plain bright umbrella.


Top . Shorts . Rain Boots . Umbrella


Want more look suggestions, according to your body shape and any time or day? Download the Wink n Pout app for Apple or Android and get a personal stylist in your phone 24 X 7


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