Kissing Wink n Pout, GoodBye.

After ​nearly​ 2 ​years​, backed and supported by a team of awesome people, ​with traction that had just begun to see a good side and an angel fund​ that would keep us alive for another year, Wink n Pout is shutting down.

​Why? The reasons are many you might think, but it was just not working out and we had to make the hard call.​
​Honestly scared is the last thing on my mind, but I am.
I’m more happy to have been on this road, learnt the things I learnt and made the mistakes which made the last 2 years very enriching.

I want to thank you for ​being a part of this journey and tell you how much we have enjoyed having you as a user.

​And I would like to urge you to not hesitate ​to drop a line if there is anything I can do​ for you as your personal stylist.​

​We gave it our best and our all, and we will miss it and our interactions with you dearly​.

Much Love,
Preethi Bayya, On behalf of the Wink n pout team


4 thoughts on “Kissing Wink n Pout, GoodBye.

  1. I am so sad to hear you are leaving the blogging world! I loved all of your awesome styling tips and fashion trend round-up’s!! I hope you’ll consider starting another blog, at least, and if not, know that you’ll be missed! 🙂

  2. I’ve just discovered this blog, and I’m so sorry to read this!
    Your blog is one of the best fashion blogs out there with a lot of focus on every body shape, and so many advices! Why don’t you create a blog on tumblr? It’s free and you can post as many imanges and contents without paying the hosting fees.

    Wish you good luck,

  3. i just found you! Can’t believe you’re no longer here. I am very sad and based upon what I’ve seen, would follow you any time you decide to start another blog.

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