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The Art of Belting

Hello ladies! So we are here talking about, today, one of the most important accessories you can own in your wardrobe – the belt. On the Wink n Pout app, we often dole out advice for many body shapes to sport a belt. It can be the saving grace in your outfit and truly make or break it.

But please remember that belts have more purposes today than just holding up a loose pair of pants. If you are still stuck in that era, please come to the future and open up your mind the possibilities that belts have. So like the title says, you are in for a crash course in the art of Belting by our stylists. So, let’s start with something very familiar.

Belts with denim and pants


So what is so special about you wearing a tee or button down with your denim? It is very casual and ordinary until you choose to add a thoughtful belt to it! So there we gave the secret away to making even the most ordinary outfit look interesting. The other accessories of course add up to the effect… but belting it up is so effective too.

Belts being the center of attention


The next skill that belts have is easily being the center of attention. Choose a solid color outfit and throw in a contrast bold belt and see the magic happen! You can also choose to wear a printed outfit and contrast with a solid colored belt.

Belts giving a breather  


Remember when we talked about the rules of mixing prints? There is one more secret to it, and you can see it in many of the pictures. Sometimes, where the two prints meet – they need a breather. The eye needs a solid color in between to make sense of it all and perceive it appealing. Tada! Add the belt.

Belts defining the over sized garments


This one is a head start into the biggest lessons for fall. Haven’t you heard that oversized coats will be a big fall trend? So how do you not appear drowning in an oversized or seemingly shapeless garment? The answer is belts again. It will truly be your best friend with this trend.

Belts making a shirt dress work


True for some women a shirtdress will work as is, but for most it is about cinching with the belt that makes it work. So you got to give the belt some credit right, because it makes a classic and comfortable garment work.

Belts to match your bag


So we gave you a tip a while ago that you do not need to match your shoes and bag necessarily. It’s optional today. But if your look entails a belt, bag and shoe… you can’t mis-match it all. Your belt is your bag’s bestie… match them.

Belts to hide the elastic seam


So, all those dresses and jumpsuits, which have an elastic stretchable waist, use a belt on top to make it look aesthetically appealing. You could definitely go without them, but this way looks better.

Belts to accentuate and define curves


Now this purpose is the most obvious one, accentuate your waist with a belt. Let those curves show ladies… get sexy!

Do you still need more reasons to pay attention to belts and have a good collection of them? Go ahead! And don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout app as well… its awesome!


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