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6 ways to wear your T-shirt to work!

So can you wear your T-shirt to work if it’s not Friday? If yes, then how. And which offices or professions be ok with such a casual piece of clothing in the office? Wink n Pout stylists answer it all for you today.

Forbes a couple of months ago pointed out how casual dressing maybe affecting your productivity. In the very first paragraph they mention how jeans and t-shirt at work are common norms today. So, notice around your office if the dress code is business casual or casual chic, as this may be the very indicator of will you be able to pull the look off or not.

In very conservative environments, it gets difficult to pull off a t-shirt when it is not Friday. But, when we mention 6 ways, we tell you if this look is apt for Business Casual or Casual chic, the former obviously more formal looking in comparison. So, let’s begin and find out the ways.

# 1 Black Pencil Skirt

A black pencil skirt has a perception of a pretty formal garment. So when you pair it up with a t-shirt tucked in, you make it acceptably casual.
Casual Meter: Casual Chic / Business Casual
Style Tip: To make it little more professional (Business Casual), instead of a loose t-shirt go for a fitted one.

#2 With Business Trousers

Business trousers of course mean all business but the t-shirt adds some fun and tones the professionalism down.
Casual Meter: Casual Chic
Style Tip: Don’t forget your heels with this look for maximum effect. If you will wear a solid color tee instead of prints, it will take the professional element up a notch.

#3 Bright Colors

Instead of the black pencil skirt, replace it with a brighter skirt. Also, only wear a fitted tee with this one since you are already experimenting with color.
Casual Meter: Business Casual
Style Tip: Don’t forget t.o add a statement necklace to your look.

#4 Similar Hues

You still take a pencil skirt but match its hue with your t-shirt or take a similar hue. But stick to neutrals and pastels when it comes to this look. Yellow pencil skirt with a yellow tee is not for work!
Casual Meter: Casual Chic
Style Tip: To brighten up your look contrast your footwear or put on a bright lipstick.

#5 With a Blazer

Instead of a button down and blazer, make it a tee and blazer for work. Now you can pair the two with jeans but stick to black, white, deep grey but not blue if you want it to look professional.
Casual Meter: Business Casual
Style Tip: A belt and a watch are the perfect accessories for this look.

#6 With a Suit

When button downs with a suit are too professional and dressed up, let tees come to your rescue. Now, whether it is going to be a pant suit, a skirt suit or a short suit will depend on your office environment.
Casual Meter: Business Casual
Style Tip: You can give the printed tees or classic Breton stripes a shot here. Ditch the basic solid colors

Some Don’ts of wearing a t-shirt to work

For obvious reasons, there are some Don’ts that are more or less applicable to almost all offices

  1. Make sure the t-shirt is not transparent / see-though. Some t-shirts just are and even when you wear a seamless bra it is visually clear where the cup ends. That sort of t-shirt is not for work.
  2. Offensive prints or quotes – It is needless to say your “Fuck everything” t-shirt will not work at the workplace. No brainer right?
  3. A crew neck t-shirt is usually not revealing, but V-neck may be or a scoop. Make sure you do not reveal too much when in a tee. But yes, cleavage norms differ from workplace to workplace at times, so you can analyze them on your own pretty well.

Tell us, if you wear your t-shirts to work. How do you wear them?
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