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How to Wear Sheer Skirts for the Bold and the Faint at heart!

A few months ago we were hearing about sheer skirts for Fall. Even though they did not make a lot of practical sense back then, but worn with leggings underneath, for spring summer sheer skirts make all the sense in the world.

Yes, move over sheer blouses and sheer panels, and let the glory of sheer skirts come forth. But you may think, how would you even sport one? You may think the trend is just for the bold fashionistas out there. But we at Wink n Pout give you the cheat codes to make it work even if you are faint at heart!


Sheer Skirts for the Bold Fashionista

#1 With High Waist Shorts/Bikinis or Granny Panties

Oh Ya! You read it right. We are asking you to wear granny panties underneath that sheer skirt. But of course the sexy kinds! Just have a look at the pictures below and you would know just how hot they look! High waist shorts or bikinis do the trick as well.

#2 With Thigh-High Socks

Keeping the above look as-is just add thigh high socks with sandals. This would really take the focus to your thighs and upper legs. And honestly we think it is a rather fashionable take on the whole thing!

#3 A longer blouse

Choose to pair your sheer skirt with a blouse or t-shirt that covers the crotch and hips and you should be good to go. But yes, don’t forget your high-waist panties even here.

#3 All the Way

Feeling extra bold? We are with you!
Show it off with a sheer blouse along with a sheer skirt or a sheer maxi dress.

White Sheer SkirtAnimal print high waist bikini pantBlack Sheer Skirt • Knee High Socks • Black high waist dance pants

Sheer Skirts for the Faint Hearted Fashionista

#1 Printed Sheer Skirts

Wear a printed sheer skirt with shorts or something longer and you show off your limbs but not in a very in-your-face way. Its more subtle, its more you!

#2 Textures to the rescue

Think of lace or other textured fabrics which again are not as transparent as organza or tulle or chiffon. You could choose patterns that hide and show, striking a perfect balance for you.

#3 Slightly Sheer

You can choose a skirt with its lining only a couple of inches shorter than the sheer shell fabric. This way, you wear the trend without making yourself uncomfortable at all.

#4 A longer lining

When it comes to sheer maxi skirt or midi skirts, instead of the high waist bikinis for the bold, you can choose ones with longer lining as per your comfort. That ways you have the best of both worlds.

#5 Over another garment

Now, you can wear your sheer skirt over another skirt or even a dress. Trust us, done right the results are pleasing. Have a look yourself.


Checked sheer skirtBlack maxiPrinted maxiBlue Paneled Sheer skirtWhite + Sheer stripe skirt

So how do you feel about the sheer skirt now? Love it or hate it? How are you planning to wear them – the bold way or the meek way? Tell us in comments below!


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