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Can Curvy Women wear Pencil Skirts?

That is a question that our stylists get asked a lot. And yes, pencil skirts can be a challenge to be in considering how self-conscious most of us feel about our bodies. Pencil Skirts really highlight all the bump and curves.

So is it for curvy women? And you can be curvy at any size – Curvy at size 10 or size 22. By curvy we mean you have an ample booty and even an ample bust in a lot of cases. So are you supposed to wear them? We say yes! Why and how? We answer!

Why should curvy women wear a pencil skirt?

  • Baggy Clothes will make you look wider, due to your curves and the width you have. A pencil skirt makes sense because it shows off the width of your bottom but also the lesser width of the waist.
  • Pencil Skirt, if the right hem length and hem width can also work wonders for your calves and legs.
  • Own your body! If you have curves flaunt them and pencil skirt let you do that. You might see them as a flaw but in reality curves can be dressed up real well. Just have some self love.

How to wear the pencil Skirt? The Curvy Girl Guide

Here, we show you visual example of curvy women of all sizes rocking the pencil skirt. There are so many ways and you can surely pick try the ones that make you look good. These women are wearing it right and we can surely learn a thing or two from them.

  • Balance it out – If you are hugging your curves with a pencil skirt, for work it can e good idea to pair a blouse that fits right but not snugly. Look for feminine details like ruffles in your blouse in georgette.  This look is also suited very well for an apple shaped curvy woman, as the waist is not cinched.
  • Deep Scoops will take a lot of weight of your torso. And crop tops work with pencil skirts pretty well.
  • If you have to cover up with a deep scoop / V neck blouse consider a god fitting blazer and a statement necklace.
  • Go short – This will work if you are not so conscious of your thighs and a short hem also makes you look taller in a lot of cases.
  • Have some Fun – Oh yeah prints are for you too. Do not stick to boring colors only. Yes they are ok in office but have fun if you are wearing a pencil skirt otherwise. We also love how this off-shoulder neckline is complimenting the shape of the skirt so much.


  • Wear Horizontal Stripes – Some of you would go like whaat? But we know it is the oldest rule in the style book but you can break the rules if you own it. And just in case you don’t believe us, we included curvy women in two sizes wearing them. However, as an expert tip in most cases, as the size increases you can look for smaller stripes instead of huge ones. Try them yourself and see the difference.
  • Color Block – It is a pretty simple technique and yet if done well can work wonders. If you are new to color blocking and never know which colors will go well with each other, you can read our article that guides on color co-ordination 
  • The peplum – It is indeed a great companion for a pencil skirt on curvy women as it cinches the waist yet also flows over your curves beautifully.
  • Dress Down a Pencil Skirt – You can throw over a button down even over your pencil skirt to dress it down – just like you do with pants. Only remember to cinch that waist to balance the proportions.
  • Dress it up – Going out for the evening? If you can find a good supporting bra go strapless and yes metallic. Own the look girl!

Wear it in winters – We love how the black pencil skirt looks amazing with black leggings and shoes in winters. We all own a lot of black in our winter wardrobe right? So give this look a shot.

Other things to keep in mind
Now that you have enough style inspiration and looks to try out the pencil skirt on your body, there are a few crucial things that you must remember as they can make or break your pencil skirt outfit.

  • The fabric of the skirt is extremely important. While some lycra in your fabric is always advised for a good fit and ease of movement, a little too much and it will get clingy.
  • Also, take heavier fabrics that have a shape of their own as they need to contain your curves. Shapeless fabrics like hosiery or even cotton will do no good to you. If it is crepe it has to be a heavier crepe.
  • If you are busty, and do not want lot of emphasis on the torso, do not wear a very high waist.
  • Since a pencil skirt shows off every bump and curve so be sure that you only wear seamless panties with the skirt. A showing panty line with a pencil skirt is a faux pas.
  • Investing in good quality shape wear, in you are comfortable wearing them will also enhance your look in a pencil skirt.

Phew! Long guide ya? Hope it helps though! Let us know in comments if you have any more doubts & get the app for looks tailor made for you.




11 thoughts on “Can Curvy Women wear Pencil Skirts?

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  4. I am seriously so glad I came across this article. A lady at my job ALWAYS talks about how clingy my clothes are (to other co-workers of course). But with my height 5’7 and weight 155, it is extremely hard to find PENCIL skirts that are long enough for work or loose enough. I can’t help the fact that I am a curvy woman!

    And working in this corporate world that I work it, it is definitely more accepting for women of other races to pull off short pencil skirts and body hugging skirts. But for me….oh it’s the end of the world.

    But I ALWAYS balance it out, with either a long cardigan or blazer to cover my bum and curves. Not that I’m trying to hide it, just trying to look more work “appropriate”.

    Great read!

    • Gee thanks a lot for sharing your story! And we know exactly what you mean… Been there… 🙂 But YAY to you girl. You keep it going ‘coz trust me they will get bored and move on and you will not stop to amaze people.

      Have a great day,
      Wish you all the love luck and joy

      Cheers 😀

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