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How to dress for a Small bust

The grass is greener on the other side. If you feel self conscious about your small breast or even a flat chest, ask a voluptuous woman with a big rack about her problems. You wish, you were a cup size bigger, she may be wishing smaller. But at Wink n Pout, all we ever tell each of our readers and app users is “Celebrate Yourself”

You will get nothing out of wanting to be someone else, or hoping for a different body, but you will get everything if you spend the same amount of time and energy in loving yourself and dressing for YOUR body type.

So first and foremost, let’s talk about all the advantages of having a small bust and the styles that you can carry off that other can’t. So we are going to cover styles that let you be who you are, carry off androgynous styles and also in some cases enhance that bust. The quickest trick in the book is a push-up bra. So choose your undergarments well. But don’t go so overboard that when you take it off, you feel your boobs go away with it.

Blouses for a small bust


1  2  3  4  5  6

Whether you choose androgyny with button downs and emphasized pockets or go feminine with ruffles, strapless blouses – you have a lot to choose from.

Also remember that you are blessed to carry of backless cami tops or any necklines that require you to go braless.

V necks, and other deep necklines like sweetheart too can be worn with ease by you, without the fear of showing too much.

Day Dresses for a Small Bust


1  2  3  4  5  6

Through the day, you can wear shift dresses without defining any curves at all and just showing off those legs.

You can also wear pleated dresses with halter necks with ease.

Fitted at the waist is a good thing, and so are horizontal stripes.

Try shirt dresses and don’t be afraid of pockets. Peplum dresses as well are good to get some curves.

Evening Gown and Dresses for a Small Bust


1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Cleverly printed dresses, which nip your waist and give you curves, are great for the night.

Evening dresses, which are ruched at chest, styles that have pleats etc. are flattering on your body.

Wear plunging necklines, dresses that bare the sides and back with ease.

Blazers for a small Bust


1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Peplum blazers that nip at the waist can work wonders for you.

Boyfriend blazers are a must when you are channeling androgyny.

Cropped jackets, boleros and biker jackets with a lot of zippers are made for you. Wear them without fear!

You can also carry off double-breasted coats and jackets with ease.

And just in case the guide was not enough, here are some flat chested celebrities who embrace their body and are smoking hot. You can always look up to them for inspiration.


Wink n Pout stylists are there for you 24X7. Just download the app and put a stop to all dressing up hassles.


2 thoughts on “How to dress for a Small bust

  1. I’ve been looking for a maxi dress to go to a school get together, I really like the evening dress No. 4. What is the design of that dress? I’ve been trying to find a dress that is loose on the chest (because I have a flat chest) and tight – I guess – to show my curves. Do you know a dress that would do that?
    Thanks 😉

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