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Prom Dress Ideas for the Petite, Curvy and every other body shape !

Prom Season will arrive soon and whether you had been waiting for it forever or you rather wish Prom would never arrive – you have got to wear something! And when you are at it, why not make that ‘something’ worthwhile. Or the least why not choose something that flatters you?

Wink n Pout, as an app and a company is based on the belief that girls and women should only wear things that flatter. So today, we talk about prom night dressing for every body shape and size (including the plus-size, curvy and petite)!


But first things first, gown or dress? We will give you options for both; it is a personal choice mainly as both have become acceptable on the prom scene. Also, there are various stores out there which let you shop according to body shape. So we have curated the dresses and gowns from there and even listed them all the end of the post for your reference! So let’s begin?

Prom Dresses and Gowns for Hourglass Girls


  • As an hourglass girl, your waist is a huge asset, choose to highlight with a belt.
  • Your bust and hips are proportional, so you can choose to go a fitted dress or gown as well.
  • Necklines like Sweetheart, V Neck, Asymmetric, Illusion, Off-Shoulder or even a strapless one (with good support for your bust) are good choices for you.


  • Watch out for certain necklines like boat or a high neck that might make you look heavier than you actually are.
  • Too much embellishment may have the same heavier-than-you-are effect, so watch out!

If you are wearing a shorter dress, don’t go wrong with the length or your legs can end up looking heavier. Refer to our archived guide for flattering dress lengths


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Prom Dresses and Gowns for Pear Shaped Girls


  • Try and keep attention to your torso using color, embellishments, jewelry or suitable necklines. Define that waist as well for best results.
  • Necklines like boat, halter, asymmetric, illusion, Queen Anne, high neck etc will be wonderful on your frame.
  • If you are comfortable with your curvy bottom you can choose to show it off with something fitted as well but majorly, an A-line or fuller version with fitted bodice is an excellent choice.
  • You might find that the fitted dress or gown that fits well at the bottom is loose for your torso. Don’t be afraid to get it fitted by a local tailor or seamstress.


  • For any gown with volume below the waist, make sure the fabric falls nicely over your curves and does not add weight.
  • For gowns with clingier fabrics, make sure it does not cling in an unflattering way over your curves. That means that the fabric should not appear to be stretched too much.


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Prom Dresses and Gowns for Apple Shaped Girls


Define and cinch your under bust area with an empire line, as it is one of the most flattering styles you will come across.

Necklines like scoop, V neck, strapless and sweetheart will work for your body shape.

Fuller skirts in gowns or dresses will help balance your torso. But nothing that clings, make sure the fabric falls well.


  • Unless you are a really slim apple, cinching that waist is unlikely to be the best bet for you.
  • Too many pleats and embellishments on your bust will make you heavier. So will complicated or voluminous sleeves like puffed up sleeves.


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Prom Dresses and Gowns for Sporty Ruler Shaped Girls


  • So you don’t have a lot of curves which is alright and can be worked upon if you want them. Simply opt for a waist-cinching style and cleaver pleating or embellishment on the bust or neckline.
  • Necklines like V and scoop are wonderful for creating an illusion of a narrow waist. Sweetheart, halter, empire and off shoulder necklines will also work well.
  • Fit and flare dresses or gown will give you the illusion of curves that you need.
  • In case you do not want to define curves, a Grecian fluid gown with asymmetric neckline maybe a good choice.


  • Stiff fabrics which do not wrap well around your body and make you look even more rectangular are avoided at best.
  • Avoid the square and jewel neckline as they do little to help flatter your figure.


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Prom Dresses and Gowns for Inverted Triangle Shaped Girls


  • Having wide shoulders and a slimmer lower body, balance it out with volume below the waist, but remember to cinch the waist.
  • If you are confident about your gorgeous shoulder then go for sweetheart or a semi-sweetheart neckline. If you do not want to draw attention to your shoulders however, then reach out for a V, scoop or illusion neckline.


  • Shoulder widening necklines like boat or halter shouldn’t be on your list.
  • Fitted dresses or gowns may only accentuate a wider upper body and contrast it with your less wide lower body, so it may not be the best choice unless color blocked well ( dark on top, light on bottom)
  • Embellishments or volume (even heavy pleating) on your torso.


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Prom Dresses and Gowns for Petite Girls


  • Dresses are a lovely option for you. Keep the hem short and it will compliment your over-all body type.
  • You can choose gowns that fall well (think chiffon etc) but not much volume or else it will overwhelm you. Choosing one color from top to bottom is a good idea to lengthen your body. Wearing heels, needless to say is a good way to go as well.
  • Just because you are petite, does not mean you do not fit in any of the above 5 body shapes. So for neckline and other pointers, determine your body shape and follow the advice above.


  • Any gown that drowns you in it (read ball gowns) and a lot of tulle in full skirts of gown.
  • In case the gown you choose is too long for you, not getting it hemmed to your height will be a major faux pas. So be very attentive to the length being perfect for you.


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Prom Dresses and Gowns for curvy and Plus size Girls


  • First things first, yes you can look beautiful on prom as a curvy girl. There is a dress out there for you, find it and wear it with your confidence and smile and you are good to go. Remember that and half your “battle” is won right there.
  • Show skin, show off your arms, your neck, your décolletage! It is slimming at best so don’t be afraid.
  • Try the Sweetheart, illusion, V, straight across, empire or scoop necklines.
  • If you define your bust by opting a style that cinches below it while the rest of dress or gown has a flattering volume – you have hit jackpot.
  • Patterns or embellishments that don’t add width or visual width are good choices. So leave any horizontal stripes or pleats out.
  • If you have to, for your confidence, there is a whole variety of shapewear out there. But only if you are comfortable with it, you can look perfectly gorgeous without it as well.


  • Any print or pattern that brings attention to the mid-section.
  • Frumpy voluminous sleeves are really unflattering for you. Give them a miss.
  • Fabric with a lot of lycra in them that cling to your body.
  • Second guessing if you look good. Have faith girl and go have some fun! 😉 If you need some inspiration for plus size fashion being gorgeous… here is what you need.


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Best Stores for Prom to Shop according to body shape

Light in the box

Prom Girl

Simply Dresses

Best Stores for Petite Prom Dresses

Camille Lavie

Light in the box

Prom Girl

Simply Dresses

Asos Petite


Best Stores for Plus Size Prom Dresses

Prom Girl


Sydney’s Closet

David’S Bridal

Deb Shops


So that was our guide for all you girls dressing up for Prom. But don’t worry, posts about DIYing your accessories as well as what to wear to after-prom are coming up. So stick around. And if you need help with deciding what to wear on a daily-basis (Don’t we all?) Don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout App.


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