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Choosing Hairstyles for your body-type

Yes, everyone mostly only thinks about face shape while giving you a haircut. But did you realize that haircuts also affect your body-type? When, being a personal styling app, we suggest you looks and give tips according to your body-type – we realize that there are so many other factors at work as well.

Hairstyle is a very important factor in this and it sticks with you every single day 24X7. You could change your outfit but hardly change the hair a lot until the next haircut. Hence our stylists consider it necessary to give all our users and readers a low-down in hairstyles according to body type


• Miley Cyrus 2009 VS 2013 •
Some hairstyle consume you, and some are apt for your face shape,
body shape and height.

Sporty Ruler


If you have fewer curves on your body… think of your shape as a rectangle. If you place another rectangle (flat hairstyle) on top of your body, will it be any good? Hence, Soft waves and feminine hairstyles for you that frame the face and add some curves. Going for crops will add to the boyish look. But if that is what you are looking for, some androgyny, then sure go ahead.



We talk about adding volume to sleeves for dressing a pear to balance out proportions. Apply that rule to hair, and you have an answer that volume works for a pear shape even when it comes to hair. So style your hair like that and get a layered cut. You can also think about curls.



If you add too much volume and length to your hair you might get a rectangle appearance for the top half of your body, and it will over shadow your sculpted shoulders and arms. Balance is the key. If there is volume, the hairstyle could be shorter, if you opt for soft waves and medium volume, it could be longer. But the right statement hairstyle will keep attention to your face, shoulders and décolletage, keeping it away from the tummy.



You can do well with curls, waves, messy and straight too. Most of the textures work well for you and your face shape and height will play a more important part in your hairstyle decision than the body-shape.

Inverted Triangle


Now you might find your shoulders muscular, or you might find them toned. It is about your own perception. So, if you want to soften them, waves are your answer. But the biggest blunder for you would be to keep your hair voluminous as it would add to the inverted triangle appearance. On the other hand going completely flat without texture is not a solution either. The solution lies in medium texturing and volume or a messy layered look.

If you wish to show off your shoulders then, shorter hair are for you that show off the neck as well as collar bones.

Note for Plus-size Women: Remember if you are a plus-size, then one of your main concerns might be to not add visual pounds. Your hairstyle might be causing it. Steer clear from big hair and opt for “thin – medium volume” hair choices. Experiment with pony, bun and even straightening them out, or slight messy waves. You will notice the difference and a little experiment will lead you to the formula that works for you. Though long straight hair will directly point the hips and tummy, so be aware of the length as well.

Length of hair with height
When taking into account your height, the magic of hair to flatter your body boils down to the length of your hair.

Petite – It goes without saying that very long hair will consume your frame and make you look even shorter. On the other hand, well styled chin grazing or shoulder length hair will add height visually when the neck is visible. But remember volume adds width; you need a more vertical hairstyle.

Tall – Cut your hair too short and the appearance will be pole-like. Be careful with your length. Shoulder length and longer are best suited for you.

Average – Most lengths work for you, and you sure can experiment with them but a lot will depend on the cut of your face.

Note that this is an indicative guide which gives you a basic idea to start thinking about your hairstyle. Face structure and shape is also the most important factor while choosing hairstyles. We really recommend you find a stylist who knows well, and can suggest you a custom hairstyle. You can ask the why’s during consultation and use this knowledge to back you up.

If you are done with the hair, choose outfits that look good on your body-shape. Let the Wink N Pout app help.


5 thoughts on “Choosing Hairstyles for your body-type

  1. I believe I fall in the PEAR shape category and I’ve noticed how much nicer I look and how many more compliments I get when my hair is voluminous and big and curly. Awesome post!

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