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How to Wear High Waisted Jeans?

We know, for a lot of us high waisted jeans can feel like a style sent from hell. For some it can feel like god-send too though. So like other things, the opinion is divided.

But since low-rise jeans is not really a thing anymore (thank you! No muffin tops!) and we are moving on to regular waist, mid –rise and high waisted jeans, a lot of you will surely feel like owning one. So do you need a model’s long legs or not-so-curvy figure to pull the high waisted jeans off? Well, no. But will you need to spend some time on this? Probably yes.

So let’s talk about the problems and worries you may face with these and then give you a solution.



Inherently, high wasited jeans highlights the bumps and bulges around the waist and the stomach. So say you have a paunch or even a slight belly or love handles that you rather cover up, it becomes a problem.


  1. Go for a darker wash that will camouflage the bumps better.
  2. Instead of pairing a tucked in tee, go for a flouncy top with the high waisted jeans. Of course pay attention if a flounce style goes with your body shape overall.
  3. Avoid whiskering catchy button details around the area you don’t want to grab attention to.
  4. Choose the right fit – you will have to try on and see if skinny is working for you or you need a straight leg or even flare. In most cases here, the straight leg works best for women facing the above problem.
  5. Choose the right fabric. It must have enough give or stretch for you, as it becomes more flattering. Also a slightly heavier fabric may work better.
  6. Try on printed high waisted denims or pants – they look awesome and are really forgiving.
  7. Add a cropped jacket or a regular length jacket or cardigan. In the picture above, you can clearly see it working.




You have short legs or you are a petite. It may sound counter intuitive but the high waisted jeans might just highlight the shortness of your legs. The high rise clearly shows where the crotch is and hence it adds to the visual shortness. See what we mean in the picture below.


  1. Choose shoes that disappear into your jeans when possible or else nude in color. Say you are wearing a pair of black high waisted jeans with black booties, it is a winning combination. At all costs avoid shoes that visually cut you off at ankles.
  2. Be conscious of the jeans not forming a lot of creases around the knees. Opt for a better smoother fit. Also, get the jeans length altered according to yourself. Keep it a bit longer than your ankles.
  3. Opt for a pair of jeans with a curved top – lower (almost mid-rise) in the front and higher at the back.




What to pair with high waisted jeans? Nothing ever looks right.


Consider your body shape when you thinking of a good pair up with your high waisted jeans. Also what’s important to know is the goal – are you looking for a boxy look or curvy look.

While shirts, tanks or tees tucked in almost universally look good with high waisted jeans. There are exceptions to what might not flatter you. Here is a short guide for what will.


Pear: Choose a top that has some embellishment around the neck or strong shoulders. This will balance out the emphasis on curve below. Or bare your shoulders.

Apple: The waist line is broad we get it. Don’t tuck anything in, instead choose a slightly loose blouse or button down which has a shorter curved (convex – longest in the middle, shorter at the sides) hem.

 Hourglass: You can rock a front-knot crop shirt as well as a tucked-in spaghetti.

 Inverted Triangle: You can wear something fitted, but make sure the neckline is scoop or a broad V. It will soften your broad shoulders for a fitted silhouette below.

Sporty Ruler: A bustier crop top if you want a feminine look or a boxy one for androgyny. Not in the mood to bare midriff? Use a belt.

Anyone with a paunch: It is better not to choose a top that you have to tuck in. Try something that is not body-hugging but fits well. A slight peplum tee might look lovely. If you have to tuck it in however then take attention upwards with prints, bright hair, statement necklace.. anything! Also, that extra layer of jacket or cardigan may turn helpful.




Will my high waisted jeans look like mom jeans?


  1. If it does, you can be sure the problem lies with the fit. See the next problem to know how to choose the right one for yourself.
  2. Some people can totally pull it off the anti-fit versions as well. If you are one of them like the girl below with folded length and brogues – more power to you.



Which high waisted jeans shall I buy – skinny, straight leg or flare.


The solution lies with knowing your body shape. Have a look at these two plus-sized bloggers below and you’d know what we mean.


We have a different article to know which jeans fit will suit your body shape . Be sure to check that!

Tell us how you wear your high waisted jeans. Did we miss out on any points? Leave a comment.


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