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Is the turtleneck for me? (Guide for all body types)

Turtlenecks are classics that can intimidate and entice you at the same time. The most pressing question is whether or not they will flatter you. Wink n Pout stylists seek to answer.
Some of us are simply not into turtlenecks, no matter what the trends dictate. We find them claustrophobic or plain itchy. On the other hand some of us love it and some others willing to try but still not sure. If you are, you are thirds category. And we try to show how to style your turtleneck so that it flatters you the most according to your body shape.

While a lot of styles will also work for other body shapes as well and there is room for experiment, we only mention for whom it works the best! Once you get comfortable wearing the turtleneck in a flattering way, you can try out the other ideas as well to see how they work!

Turtleneck Style: Best for inverted triangle
Being an inverted triangle you are blessed with strong shoulders. The turtleneck can make them wider visually if you choose a bright color. Stick to a dark turtleneck or a camouflaging print and pair with a feminine voluminous skirt. You can definitely wear leggings or tights along to save yourself from the cold.

Turtleneck Style: Best for Pear
Being a pear, a turtleneck will add emphasis and width to the torso which is a good thing. Draw the further upwards by adding a statement necklace to your turtleneck.

Turtleneck Style: Best for apple
We call this the peekaboo style. While you wear outerwear that flatters your figure and does not emphasize your mid-section let a turtle neck peek through from the neck and sleeves. It is a very chic option for you!

Turtleneck Style: Best for Skinny Girls
An oversized turtleneck will look beautiful on your skinny frame. But be sure that the shoulder’s fit, as oversized and buying two sizes bigger are totally different things. You can pair your oversized turtleneck with a pair of leggings or tuck it in some boyfriend jeans.

Turtleneck Style: Best for Petite
If you are petite, you would know that wearing the same color head-to-toe is a trick that works wonderfully for you.  Apply that to the turtleneck as well. Since a turtleneck hides your neck it will elongate your torso even further, and if you have short legs and wearing contrasting colors it will look all the more disproportionate.

Turtleneck Style: Best for Hourglass
Ample bust, ample hips – ample curves in short. While you choose to wear a turtleneck, if you hide the curves – you may end up looking frumpy. Add a belt to cinch that waist and balance your look.

Turtleneck Style: Best for Sporty Ruler
Get your sport on with this preppy essential – the turtleneck. Wear it in a sporty way, slightly androgynous with a leather jacket and ripped jeans or underneath a suit – androgyny is the word for you!

Turtleneck Style: Best for Plus Size
For a plus size, we always recommend wearing clothes that fit well – not too tight not too loose. Wear a dark fitted turtleneck on top and something feminine below. But most importantly a good supportive bra is a must for a turtleneck for you since the bust will get emphasized with this style. If you are comfortable with that, go on. Or else you can always add a jacket on top which will have a slimming effect for the bust!

What about busty?
And finally, for the busty women is the turtleneck flattering? Well, yes and no. For your body, the tips we gave above for the plus-size women pretty much suffices – no matter you are busty at which size. If you can avoid a turtleneck do that, or else always good undergarments and a jacket will make it work for you!

So are you excited about wearing the turtleneck trend in fall 2013? Did we answer all your questions? You can ask more in the comments section or even leave some suggestions if you feel we missed out on something!

4 thoughts on “Is the turtleneck for me? (Guide for all body types)

    • You sure can Kari.
      But with some tricks your neck wont disappear when you wear one.
      Try adding scarves or long chains with pendents. Or even a shirt or a jacket and leave it unbuttoned.
      Or pick a turtle neck with pattens which draw attention down to your waist.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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