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Crop Jackets for your body shape

Jacket season is just round the corner, and while we have been discussing coats for quite sometime now it is the first time we are treading on the tricky side of outerwear i.e. the crop jacket.

Why is that everything with the word crop as a prefix becomes a nightmare for many women dressing up? Take crop pants which we did talk about before or take the crop jackets now. But we have put together a go-to guide here for every body shape. Let’s begin!

Stylists Vs People
This is a concept that we have understood over time. While any stylist out there will tell you what looks best on your body type and hence want you to emit some trends completely…you may not always agree. As a person you may not like to be told “don’t wear this or that”.

At Wink n Pout, we only say a “Don’t” when it’s extremely necessary. Or else, we stick to taking it up as a style challenge instead and hence today we are not saying no to a crop jacket for any body shape but instead only giving guidelines. Though yes, there are some body types which are perfect for the crop jacket.

Perfect Vs Very Good Vs Good
What we mean by it is – for some body shapes the crop jacket is the perfect fit, and for others it may take a little perspective and harder work.

The crop jacket if worn right is perfect on a pear body shape and an hourglass body shape.
If worn right again, it is very good for a rectangle body shape.
If worn right, it is good for apple and inverted triangle shape.

Crop Jackets Styling – No waist
This is the first look that can be created well with a crop jacket.


  • Instead of highlighting anything from the torso, make your legs the focus.
  • So, if you are an apple body shape, rectangle body shape or an inverted triangle body shape with toned legs to flaunt you can pull off this look.
  • The highlights of this look are a loose t-shirt or shirt worn over skinny jeans. Add a cropped jacket that is worn unzipped or unbuttoned but fits well.
  • You can roll up the sleeves or just push them upwards towards the elbow.
  • You can add a scarf as well to add an element of interest in the look or a statement necklace.
  • The same look can be worn with loose pants as well but we advise it if you are tall and lean.

Crop Jackets Styling – Waist Defined
Next, let’s define that waist and move on from the first androgynous style.


  • Defining waist is a good option for Pear body shape, Hourglass Body Shape and Rectangle Body Shape. If you are an apple, you can define your body below the bust using and empire line and pull off this look.
  • The idea behind this styling is to define the waist with a belt or by construction. The blouse, t-shirt, shirt or dress that you wear inside the crop jacket should have a waist defined.
  • This way the jacket adds width to the torso but not in a shapeless way. Your body maintains a shape and structure even with a crop jacket.
  • What you wear inside has a lot of options. Try peplums or even a crop top if you have a toned mid-riff.

Crop Jackets Styling – Waist highlighted
This look varies from the waist defined since it lets the crop jacket highlight wherever it hits your torso.


  • In different crop jackets it will be different due to the hem of the jacket and also the shape of the hem. A straight hem is sometimes more difficult to carry than a curved one. So try them both on.
  • This look will take attention to the hem of the jacket so if you have a thin natural waist being a pear or hourglass choose a hem length accordingly. Be aware to not let the crop jacket hit you at your widest part or where the part which of your body which makes you feel conscious.

Crop Jackets Styling – Plus Size
For this one, we would like to directly show you some examples of these wonderful bloggers you have set an example on how showing a slight mid-riff ad wearing a crop jacket can work for plus size women and all of their outfits work on the defined waist principle! Be inspired!


So that brings us to a close on what we had to say about wearing your crop jackets well. What are your thoughts? What body shape are you… do you wear a crop jacket? Let us know in comments below!!

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