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Plus size fashion doesn’t have to be boring

Are you living with this myth that being plus size limits your options in terms of the fashion trends that you can wear with grace? Think again because the people and brands that we talk about today make us feel that size and weight are simply a state of mind. No doubt that if you are a plus sized woman, you must have faced a lot of challenges but times are changing for sure.

Wink n Pout holds the view that you could be a size 0 or a size 20, you can be an hourglass or an apple – there are always ways to look beautiful and dress YOUR best. We believe that all women and all sizes are real but the fashion industry’s inclination towards thin makes us all wonder if we all are supposed to be that way.


But the good thing is media is not just magazines and TV anymore. There are blogs and online publications as well that are more encompassing to other body shapes and sizes. We love that since now you have a choice to feed your mind with images that make you feel good. Or rather that brings you closer to reality. Trust us, reality is the new aspiration.

So, today our post is specifically dedicated to breaking the myth that you have to dress plain or boring if you are a plus-sized woman. We feature our favorite bloggers and brands that will inspire you into dressing better, fashionably, bold and eccentric when you are plus-size! Power to all we mention and all those who actually become inspired ad take a step forward J

But before we begin, we might sound slightly mean but being the perfect fashion model-like women it is easier to look fashionable and really anybody can do it quickly. But when you are plus-sized and you look fashionable as f**k you truly earn our respect because we understand that it requires you to be confident, continuously look for clothes that are stylish and fit well and to truly know yourself and play up your positives. So hey… accept our salute!

Plus sized bloggers to watch









Brands with great Plus Size Clothing
And now once we have got you inspired, we list here some of our favorite stores online that sell fashionable and flattering plus size clothes. The mix for each one is different, some brands more trendy than others but each one has something special. A mentions here for Pionna, as it let’s you shop according to your body shape! And if you have downloaded our app and are following the blog, you will surely know we believe in all body shapes.

ASOS Curve

Buy them here – 123

Lane Bryant
lane-bryantBuy them here – 1 • 2 • 3

Buy them here  –  123 

Ashley Stewart
Buy these here  –  123 

Forever 21
Buy these here  –  123 

Sealed with a Kiss 

Buy these here  –  123 

How did you like this post? Are you inspired to let your mind free and be fashionable? Leave a comment below to let Wink n Pout know!



4 thoughts on “Plus size fashion doesn’t have to be boring

  1. Whoop whoop!! Amen-about time anything other than thin got a mention “before there was skinny there was sexy!” Women have evolved and are truly stronger and being more recognised no matter what your shape. I am a believer in loving the skin your in!

  2. I would love to find some more casual looks for plus size students! I’m not too comfortable wearing full outfits to school everyday when skinny girls are rocking the yoga pants and draped top looks. Any tips on looking chic in big cardigans and uggs? 🙂

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