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How long is enough?

Possibly, as women, we all always knew the judgments that come along with the length of our skirt. But it was not before an student Rosea Posey chose to do a blunt project about it, that it hit a chord with so many across the world. This picture grew viral on Tumblr a while back and if you still haven’t had a look, you must.

The thing that strikes us the most is that we all have judgments deep within our minds. Before we can check anybody else’s thoughts we must check our own as well. But if anything, one thing is clear that the skirt length holds great importance.

Have you ever thought about your skirt length?

Do you know your body and choose a skirt length that flatters you instead of the one that is on trend? Style not based on trends that come and go, it is about choosing things that flatter you. So let’s talk about the skirt length in that light today.

Since everybody is different, the perfect length will differ as well. But sadly there is no magical right or wrong way. Some basics apply, but below are the four factors that would affect your skirt length.

Height – Whether you are a petite, and average height or tall.

Shape of legs – How would you say your legs are, in comparison to the rest of your body? Meaty, skinny or shapely?

Short legs or long legs – In comparison to your torso, are the legs shorter, same length or longer?

Short calves or long calves
For this one, do a little measurement.
○ Measure in inches the length from your hip bone to your knee and label it A.
○ Measure your knees to your feet and label it B.
○ Subtract both the measurements and divide the result by 2.
That will be your magic number. Remember it.

Now how do all these factors affect whether you would look good in a mini skirt, a midi a maxi or so on? Let’s see how. Also remember that these factors would work together and hence after getting this knowledge, do spend a little time trying out the lengths in the trial room.

○ If you are petite, you would need skirts that elongate your body. Opposite to popular belief the maxi skirt is your good friend. So is a mini skirt, a micro mini and anything mid-thigh.

○ If you are of average height, you can pull off any skirt length ease.

○ If you are tall, avoid the micro mini for the sole reason of having an appearance of disproportionately lanky legs. You can work the rest very well, be it a mini, mid thigh, knee length, midi or above the ankle and maxi skirts.

○ If you have a meaty pair of legs, mid thigh and maxi will be your best length. The mid-calf midi is especially a big no as they widen the calf muscle even more.

○ For thin legs, micro minis are best avoided. The rest of the skirt length work well and a midi will add some curves to your legs.

○ For shapely legs, all lengths except the midi will work nicely.

○ If you have short legs, then a knee length skirt can cut your legs into half and make them shorter. Stick to a mini, or mid-thigh length. You can wear maxi as well.

○ If you have tall legs, you can pull off any length as taller legs and shorter torso is the usual model-like ratio that designers choose on the runway. Hence play up your blessing.

○ For short calves, wear a skirt length “magic number” inches above your knee. Suppose your magic number is 2 then you should wear a skirt 2” above your knee.

○ For long calves, wear a skirt length “magic number” inches below your knee.

Some more points to keep in mind

○ The shape of the skirt is as important as its length. The factor affecting the shape will be your body type, and we will surely cover it next so stick around.

○ Whether your skirt is high – waist or normal waist can add a lot to illusions. A high waist makes the torso visually shorter and hence the legs and skirt length both appear more.

○  Whenever you are trying to elongate legs in a skirt, never wear ankle strap heels as they cut the legs visually.

If you have consumed all the information above, here is a quick way that you could try as well. According to mathematician Lily Serna, this formula can give you the perfect skirt/dress length. Here is how it goes.

Measure yourself from shoulders to feet (including heels if wearing one) in cm. Divide the number by the golden ratio 1.618. The result is your perfect skirt/dress length.

So put all this help to use ladies, and let us know if you feel differently about your skirt length now. In case you still have questions, Ask a Stylist at Wink n Pout. You can also download our app to have a stylist with 24X7.


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