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14 ways to wear Oversized sweaters

So you thought you could only wear your oversized sweater with skinny jeans? Well, we challenge you to push your thinking today with this versatile garment. And even though oversized sweaters are not everyone’s cup of tea, you can be sure that you will find one way or the other to wear it, through this post.
And you might wonder if oversized sweaters suit all body types or not, our stylists say it depends. Majorly on how you pair it and how oversized your sweater really is. So proportion is very important while selecting an oversized sweater. All that said, let us look at the 14 ways to wear the oversized sweater now, which does not

#1 With stockings and leggings
If you have shapely legs, then this way to wear the oversized sweater is definitely for you! Show them off and wear a sweater that covers your ass please 😉

#2 With leather pants
Trust us, oversized sweaters against faux or real leather pants and leggings looks rather chic.  But in case you don’t have them, the look can also be achieved with leggings and leather thigh high boots.

#3 With Shorts
Now this one may not work for extreme cold, but try it when the weather becomes better. Tuck it in for a slightly less-oversized appearance, or leave it out for a complete commitment to oversized.

#4 With coats
Oversized sweaters can be slightly structures visually by wearing a coat on top. You could choose to wear it completely or just throw it on the shoulders.


#5 Like a dress

Yes, the oversized sweater dress is rather hot. Wear it with boots, and you can accessorize with long necklaces as well.

#6 With Maxi Skirts
Now this one may get tricky for the not-so-skinny ones, but it is a great look to pull off. And in case you feel short with this one, be sure to elevate yourself with heels.

#7 With Pencil Skirts
This is the way to wear an oversized sweater if you are a woman of curves. Define them below the waist and contrast with the oversized sweater on top. If you need help with skirt lengths, you must read our archived post.

#8 With thigh-high socks
If you are wearing your oversized sweater like a dress or even with shorts, remember thigh high socks. A school girl charm really works with the sweater.

#9 With Overalls
Probably you haven’t thought about it yet, but just like crop tops looks rad with overalls, so does an oversized sweater. Given, you like to wear overalls of course.

#10 With a button down
Layering an oversized sweater (cropped or full-length) with a button adds and interesting dimension to the look.

#11 With any jeans but Skinny
As you would realize now, oversized sweaters look terrific with boot cut, boyfriend jeans and even cropped jeans. So anything but skinny!

#12 With anti-fit jeans and pants
So, apparently oversized sweater with a loose pair of pants and jeans can work pretty well too. This opposes common style logic but it works nonetheless.

#13 Belt-it up
With this way, you can wear an oversized sweater and still have a waist! Best of both worlds when you belt it up!

#14 Off Shoulder
Off shoulder oversized sweaters are really sexy. Worn with jeans or skirts, doesn’t matter, just pull it from one side.

So which one from the list are you dying to try?
Or which way do you already wear your oversized sweater? Leave a comment!


7 thoughts on “14 ways to wear Oversized sweaters

  1. It’s really cold right now and i needed to pick out the right sweater and or jacket which was a struggle till i landed on this post.Glad to say i have the perfect outfit now for that friday concert 🙂

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