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10 ways to wear pastels the grown-up way!

Yes, pastel is one of the biggest trend this year. Remember how neon colors rocked us all almost 3-4 seasons ago? The similar story is repeating itself with pastels.

By definition a pastel is “a pale or light color” according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. So from being bold in fluorescents we have gone delicate and soft with the lighter hues.

So what seems to be the trouble? The pastel trend is closely related to candy colors and hence brings wit itself a high saccharine feminine look. Think Japanese fashion and you’d know what we mean (we truly believe the trend even caught on from there!)

But what if you don’t want to appear like a school girl in a candy store with your pastels? You want to appear serious and grown-up while giving a nod to the trend. Completely understandable – our stylists have picked out 20 inspiring ways to achieve just that! It all starts with choosing the right hue in pastel, but how you pair it up really makes a difference!

#1 Prints
Source Left • Right

#2 Team with Brighter Hues
Source LeftRight

# 3 Beiges and Browns
Source LeftRight

# 4 With Chambray and Denim
Source Left • Right

#5 With White
Source Left • Right


#6 Stripes
Source Left • Right

#7 Go really pale
Source Left • Right

#8 Structured pieces
Source LeftRight

#9 Just an Accessory
Source Left • Right


#10 With Black and Greys

Source Left • Right
So those are all the ways you can wear pastel hues without looking like a school girl!
How do you wear your pastels?

Tell us in comments below!




2 thoughts on “10 ways to wear pastels the grown-up way!

  1. This is a great guide! I feel like I never really know how to dress in pastel, but I love the idea of wearing all light colors – either with more pastels, white or beige/gray – beautiful! 🙂

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