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Fashion Math: Inverted Triangle

If you are just joining in, you will be delighted with our ongoing series which lets the secret out that Fashion is a math and not art. Dressing your body type is based on rules that anybody can get right.

You have missed: How to combine colors in outfits, Fashion Math for the Hourglass and Fashion Math for the pear. Today we are talking about the inverted triangle shape, just opposite of the pear.


The naked truth – the body
If you are an inverted triangle shaped woman –

  • You have wide shoulders and a narrow bottom. Your body converges downwards, much like you guessed it right an inverted triangle. The wide side of the triangle geometrically rests on your shoulder line.
  • The good thing is clothes will tend to hang on you better since you have hanger-like shoulders. It is a wonderful thing really.
  • You are blessed with leaner legs and if balanced well, they are your asset.
  • But that is not to say your sculpted shoulders can’t be flaunted. They surely can with the right attire.
  • For most body-types defining the waist is very flattering, you are one of them.



Understanding the self
Now, that you know the geometry of your body and how you should work with it, it is time to know the garments that work for you and why.

  • Volume around hips and thighs – Balancing the body is the key to dress up for any shape. By adding volume below the waist, imagine you are placing another triangle visually. That ways both the triangle’s widths balance out each other
  • Add details around hip line – Drawing attention away from your width on top can be done by adding details to the hips. Think prints, embellishments, layers, fringes, so on and so forth.
  • Deep scoops – They will add more depth to your neck and soften the shoulders
  • Empire lines and kaftan styles are also lovely for your frame. They will skim over your strong shoulders and if have gathers below the waist, they will add the much needed volume below.
  • Deep V necks – As we have maintained earlier, this neckline works magic for almost all body-types. For you it will create the illusion of a narrow waist.
  • Cutaway neckline – If you want to show off your beautiful shoulders without adding more width then think of a cutaway neckline. The amount of cutaway will vary and affect your overall look.
  • Simple tops but statement bottoms – This is not the only look for you but one that will be very flattering. Opt for well-fitted tops with a good neckline, but statement colors and prints when it comes to your skirts and pants.
  • Wraps and one shoulder dresses – Wraps with volume and details below the waist, and one shoulder dresses are gorgeous on you. And if the waist is defined it gets even better.
  • Full circle skirts, skater skirts and A-line Skirts – Again a category that features across many body types. And that is so because it is very flattering. For you it gives just the right amount of volume.
  • Tulip Skirts – you are one of the few body types that can rock one of these with ease. Go for it!
  • Anything from a straight leg to flared trouser will work for you. Though remain cautious of flare without defining the waist. The look will appear dated and unflattering.

Your capsule wardrobe


1 Structured Dress • 2 B/W fit & flare dress • 3 Printed Dress • 4 Red Gown • 5 B/W Top • 6 White Top • 7 Navy Kaftan Top • 8 Blue Top • 9 Peach Top • 10 Coral Skirt • 11 Black Top • 12 Floral • 13 B/W SKirt • 14 Blazer • 15 Red pants • 16 Grey Pants17 Blue pants


Make them work

Skinny Jeans for inverted triangle

Why are they going to be difficult to pull off? Because they just hug you and show off just how lean your legs are in comparison to your upper half. Hence, causing a great imbalance. But you can make them work with these tips :

  • It is common knowledge that black is skimming so a skinny jeans + the color black might just be a recipe for disaster for you. Go brighter or printed.
  • Work your skinny jeans with kaftans or blouses that are more fluid. Also cinch that waist.
  • You can also go for tunics that are asymmetric and fit you well, the latter is very important.

Also, to be in touch with regular inspirations, you can follow our board on Pinterest Inverted Triangle Shaped Celebrities: Looks and Inspirations

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