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How to: Dress to disguise belly fat in style

So you have belly fat, it could be because of your age or genetics, body type or even lifestyle. But do you need a model’s body to look fashionable? At Wink n Pout we believe all bodies are beautiful and with a few tips can look really trendy too.

So, today our stylists wanted to let you know what to wear if you are looking to disguise some belly fat in style. And no we don’t just give out tips, instead we have selected the pieces that you should have in your wardrobe. This will give you a visual reference to the kind of clothes that will flatter you.

The Basics

If you understand these basic styles and why they work for you, shopping for yourself will be a piece of cake!

  • Since your mid section is the area you want to disguise, stay away from anything that draws attention there. Read embellishments, belts, long necklaces, strategic prints that take attention to the belly.
  • Keep legs, hips shoulders, décolletage or face as your focus then instead of the mid section. For the same reason statement necklaces, earrings, plunge necklines, pencil skirts etc. will work for you when paired with the right tops.
  • To disguise the belly fat pleats (plisse and sometimes box as well) gathers, drapes, clever prints, ruffles and a slightly loose but drapey silhouette all can be your good friend. So apply these rules when picking up tops and dresses.
  • The fabric will hold a lot of importance. If it is really light and clingy (think a lot of light weight jersey) it will highlight all the bumps and curves. Heavier fabrics with lycra will do better for you.
  • If you are up for it and like wearing it then shapewear is a nice investment as well.

So now let’s get to seeing it visually what will flatter you and help you disguise your belly fat. Remember the above rules apply!


Black Lace topTwo tone darpe • Orange topRuffled Grey Top Abstract printed Top Black Floral Vest White WrapBlue PrintedChecksYellow.

Oversized clothing is not the answer for you. You can still disguise the belly fat and look sexy if you choose the right styles. While you can pick up drapes and pleats for a dressed up look, a printed button down or a loose drapey tank is ideal for a casual look. For night choose a plunge neckline, or empire line or bandeau neckline.

The key will be mostly to not tuck in your tops, unless it is paired up with a high waist skirt etc. ( more later) On the contrary an oversized shirt can be tucked in and pulled out enough so that it looks casual and still disguises.

Pants and Skirts


With your slightly loose or drapey tops, skinny jeans or leggings seem like the perfect fit. But here your body shape does come into play as well. If you are not confident about the legs as well, then you can go for straight fit or a really slight flare. But darker colors and clever inserts like in the black leggings below can always help.

You can even try prints and brighter colors to bring your legs in focus. For picking up jeans, you have got to remember NOT to pick up a size smaller that causes muffin tops. That is worst you can do. Size up or go for tummy control jeans that are specifically made like that.


Now you may think skirts are not meant for you but it is not entirely correct. If you are pairing up a loose top from above, a pencil skirt or tulip skirt will balance your perfectly. If you rather wear a fitted tank then pair it with a high waist skirt that flares out such that the belly fat is disguised in the gathers or pleats. For the evening a high waist ball skirt is ideal for you as well.

Black Body-Con Printed black and whiteOrange circleAccordion PleatsPencil


Blue floralPink FloralSea Green MaxiPink Sack dress Gold strapped DressGlitter DressBlue pleated and lace dressWhite Dress

If you like showing off your legs, everything from empire line dresses, pleated dresses, skater dresses, wrap dresses or A-line shift dresses can come to your rescue. On the other hand you will find a lot of maxi dresses and gowns to be working out for you as well. Don’t forget to apply the basic rules we discussed on the top while buying your dresses.



Chunky Chain2 Layered chainMulti Colored Blue TasselGreenRhinestone Cuffs

Belts are the accessories that will flatter you and so are long necklaces which end at the belly. What you should be going for instead is shorter statement necklaces and beautiful statement earrings of all kinds.

So those were our tips to disguise your belly fat in style. Dowload the Wink n Pout app for Android and Apple to have a free personal stylist in your phone 24X7.



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